eCommerce confidence: how to make an impact with your packaging

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Packaging is one of the key criteria in the success of a product. Since packaging is the first thing a consumer sees, it plays a significant role in a consumer’s perception of a product.

One thing is for sure – a product packaged in an attractive and innovative way is one of the best ways to increase a consumer’s interest in what you are offering. Innovative and impactful packaging is also a great way of standing out of the crowd and differentiating your brand from the competition. In today’s article, we have a look at how you can make an impact with your packaging. The likes of SKUTOPIA know how to make the whole process a streamlined experience, too – find out more at their website.

If you’re looking to bring your product to the next level, read on to find out more!

  1. Make it Instagrammable    

Instagram is king in the land of social media. All over the world, you see companies coming up with innovative ways to make both their products and packaging “instagrammable”. A post shared by the right person such as an influencer on Instagram has the potential to reach millions and is one of the best ways for a company to promote their product. Whether it is fancy food packaging or glamorous makeup and cosmetic packaging, making your product packaging “instagrammable” is definitely the way to go.

Focus on making your packing stand out of the crowd. The more innovative, attractive and ingenious your packaging is, the higher the chances of someone influential showcasing it on their social media platform. Packaging becomes even more crucial if you are planning to run influencer marketing campaigns. Without attractive branding and packaging, you won’t be able to get any significant ROI on your influencer marketing efforts. Considering that influencer campaigns became quite expensive and that the content can be repurposed for paid ads and website content, you need to polish your product’s visual image before launching any big campaigns.

  1. Invoke feeling with colour

Did you know that colour has the ability to invoke various emotions in human beings? In fact, colour affects all 5 senses of the body. Somber colours such as blue can evoke sad emotions and decrease appetite, whilst bold colours such as red do the opposite. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you use the right colours for your product packaging. What emotions are you trying to trigger? How would you like the consumer to feel? Colour catches the wandering eye, so choosing one that you can tie in to your brand is important. Sticking to a particular colour scheme is also a fantastic way of helping people identify your brand. Think about companies such as Tiffany and Co that are now synonymous with the colours blue and white. Using colour to stand out of the crowd and make a statement is one of the best ways a business can make an impact with packaging.

  1. Consider environmental impact

Making an impact with packaging doesn’t have to remain within the constraints of just promoting your brand. In fact, many consumers in 2019 are now looking towards businesses that pay attention to the environmental impact they are having on the world. Using sustainable packaging that consumers can either recycle or upcycle is one of the best ways to make a statement. Show your customers how much you care about conserving the environment and reducing waste – giving the message of thinking beyond oneself is one of the biggest statements a business can make with their packaging.

  1. Ease is essential

No one enjoys spending half an hour trying to open a box when they purchase items. This is why ease is one of the biggest factors that contribute to successful produce packaging. No matter what kind of packaging you go with, ensuring that your consumers don’t have to fiddle around with it for any longer than needed is essential. Why not go for a simple branded box that has pull tabs to open, perhaps even with grip seal bags to store the item inside, just to give an added layer of protection that is still simple and doesn’t take much fiddling around with. Nobody wants to be fiddling with something to get packaging open for ages. This means avoiding using material such as masking tape that can be difficult to take off a box, and instead opting for packaging that allows the consumer to get straight into your product as soon as possible. Offering product packaging that can not just open easily but also be re-closed to keep items safe is one of the best ways to show your consumers that you care. 

  1. Reflect your product

Last but not least, the biggest way to make an impact with your packaging is to make sure that the packaging reflects the product. 40% of online consumers surveyed said they were likely to make a repeat purchase from a merchant that offers premium packaging. Consider the style and feel of your product – if your item is one that is sleek, modern and minimalistic, your packaging should reflect the same qualities. Paying attention to not just product manufacturing but the overall experience a consumer has when they open your product at home is key.

Product packaging is one of the best ways to make a statement and bring your consumer’s overall experience with you brand to the next level. We hope that this article has given you some insight into how you can make an impact on consumers with your product packaging.