Best alternative Christmas gifts for men

Man's hands hold a present gift wrapped for Christmas

Christmas shopping for men can be difficult and confusing. Men are fickle and picky about their preferences and what they like. Of course, everyone’s preferences also vary considerably which is why Christmas shopping for men must be planned well before in time. You can take the time to research and find out what the special men in your life really like. After all, just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. 

Why should men lose on the cheer of a Christmas cheer from their loved ones? We have compiled a list of some of the best gifts for men for such an amazing time of the year. You must realize many of these gifts are considering the unique Australian Christmas. We don’t see snow and much cold so some classics won’t make much sense.

  1. Cuban Cigars 

Cuban cigars are the classic items of luxury and indulgence for men. Smoking is not something to encourage but a little puffing is alright for Christmas. The taste and blend of Cuban cigars are matched by few others. There is no better way to end a Christmas seaside barbeque and beer than with a Cuban cigar.

  1. A5 Wagyu Meat 

Wagyu meat is the crème de la crème, the piece de resistance of the meat world. One bite of this heavenly morsel is like pure butter melting in your mouth. If your men are fans of meat (and really, which man isn’t?) then gift them a succulent piece of A5 Japanese Wagyu. 

Australia has its own Wagyu meat which comes close but there is no beating the original. Elevate your Christmas parties and barbeques with some truly heavenly meat. Heavenly meat for a divine holiday, quite the combination, no? 

  1. A Winter Trip 

Christmas in Australia doesn’t see snow so you’re out of luck there. We Australians love our way of Christmas but it doesn’t hurt to try out tradition sometime. Book a trip to some wintery wonderland for christmas gifts for men who all are special. Go with your husband or gift your father an all-expenses trip. Christmas with traditional winter and snow is definitely something to experience once. 

  1. Barbeque Grill 

As Australians, we love our food and we love our meat. We like our meat so much that we have bred our own version of prized Wagyu meat. So, why not splurge and gift your husband or dad a totally decked out barbeque grill? 

Pick something which has all the latest and modern options. No man dislikes grilling meat and this is one gift which will really go treasured. And hey, it saves you from cooking duty for Christmas! Kick back and relax as the men of the house prepare the food for the Christmas party. 

  1. Hobby Collectible 

Modern attitudes have made it acceptable for men to pursue different hobbies. The rise of geek culture has led to men of all ages pursuing collectibles and memorabilia. 

Why not find out what your husband, brother or father fancies and surprise them? That expensive statue of Iron Man he had his eye on will look quite good wrapped under the Christmas tree. Hobby items and collectibles can make for excellent gifts. A gift of a Millennium Falcon replica is sure to take your father to a galaxy far far away—hopefully not so far that he misses out Christmas! 

  1. Surfboard 

If there’s one thing that Australians love, it’s surfing. Australia has some of the best waves in the entire world. If you live near the coast, then chances are the men close to you are fond of surfing. A surfboard is an unusual but perfect gift for Christmas. Gift your brother or husband by setting the surprise surfboard as the serving table. That is one way to definitely give them a shock. 

Shopping for Christmas gifts for men can be difficult but rewarding. Seeing the joy in their eyes as they get something they truly like will be heart-melting.