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eCommerce confidence: how to make an impact with your packaging

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Packaging is one of the key criteria in the success of a product. Since packaging is the first thing a consumer sees, it plays a significant role in a consumer’s perception of a product. One thing is for sure – a product packaged in an attractive and innovative way is one of the best ways to increase a consumer’s interest in what you are offering. Innovative and impactful packaging is also a great way of standing out of the crowd and differentiating your brand from the competition. In today’s article, we have a look at how you can make an impact with your packaging. The likes of SKUTOPIA know how to make the whole process a streamlined experience, too – find out more at their website. If you’re looking to bring your product to the next level, read on to find out more! Instagram is king in the land of social media. All over the world, you see companies coming up with innovative ways to make both their products and packaging “instagrammable”. A post shared by the right person such as an influencer on Instagram has the potential to reach millions and is one of the best ways for a company to promote their product. Whether it is fancy food packaging or glamorous makeup and cosmetic packaging, making your product packaging “instagrammable” is definitely the way to go. Focus on making your packing stand out of the crowd. The more innovative, attractive and ingenious your packaging is, the higher the chances of someone influential showcasing… Read More