Automating your home: A lot more possible than you thought

Interiors home living room

In the days of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, who can do anything you need other than make your morning coffee and take your stuff to the dry-cleaners, your home is next in the long line of tech updates.

And the best bit, is that the days of just being able to time your lights and flick them using an app are over – you can turn your home into something seriously ‘of the future’ with just a few updates.


  • Talking to your centralised hub like Amazon Alexa
  • having your air conditioning units, humidifiers and more reacting together in response to changes in your home environment
  • communicating with postmen and couriers through the door bell
  • relaxing and unwinding in the evenings by setting schedules with connected products such as scent diffusers, lighting and curtains
  • returning to a freshly vacuumed and mopped home, every single day.

Things like this are doable with a whole range of tech, like these nifty finds.

Sort your life out with Amazon Alexa

Alexa home

From scheduling things in your calendar, to simply setting a timer, to generally reducing your screen time, these Amazon Alexa babies make life easier!

Control your home’s temperature without even thinking about it

Connect Universal Smart IR Remote Tempoerature

Using the Connect Universal Smart IR remote with temperature and humidity sensors, helps with controlling TVs and air cons from a single remote. Set scenes to automate your life!

Have constantly clean floors thanks to Ecovacs

Ecovacs robot

Control your personal cleaner using the the Ecovacs app or with voice command through Amazon Echo or Google Home. The DEEBOT OZMO 950 is the ultimate, slim design, wet and dry, cleaning companion!

Talk to visitors at the front door without being home

Ring Door View Cam

Get alerts at work and while you’re away to your phone whenever anyone rings, approaches or tries to break down the door of your home! Using the Ring app, everything’s connected to the Ring Door View Cam, you’ll get notifications and a lot fewer stress headaches from worrying about the safety of your pad.

Keep the house smelling brilliant all day without thinking about it

Smart diffuser

The greatest thing about this is that you can even include the Connect Smart Diffuser as part of your existing smart ecosystem. Simply connect it to “scenes” with your smart speaker allowing a series of different actions to occur when you say “hey google, it’s time to relax” or link it up to the Connect Universal Smart IR Remote with Temperature & Humidity Sensors so that it will automatically trigger when the sensors detect changes in humidity. Relax as stress and worries melt away with soothing scents from your CONNECT Smart Diffuser.

Oh technology.

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