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All about interiors: What Adairs is up to with the world of art

Adairs Miimi Jiindas

So Adairs, interiors retailer, has been busy during lockdown, making all sorts of magic with local artists. Take, for example, Miimi + Jiinda, indigenous artists whose bright and distinctive style, often inspired by their stunning ancestral homelands and strong matriarchal origins tell visual stories about country and kin from the oldest surviving culture in the world. It’s a very Adairs-esque approach to take and something for us all to really get our minds into as we emerge from this COVID polava with a hopefully refreshed approach to the world, environment and people we share it all with. We spoke with the artists about they new collaboration with Adairs, their work and how it all works. Join us and find out… How would you describe your work? Our creations are works of cultural renewal, telling visual stories that reflect our unique perspective and distinctive experience as Aboriginal women.  Our inspiration stems from our strong, feminine matriarchal line, the beautiful Gumbaynggirr country they live and work on, our dreaming and creation stories and our life today as a modern-day Goori women. What mediums do you work with? We paint with acrylic paints and have some natural ochres we sometimes use as well. Mum weaves with natural plants and fibres picked locally on country.  How did the Adairs collaboration come about? As our business expands, we feel collaborations of this nature are the perfect way to showcase our art to a wider demographic. We have always been big fans of Adairs personally and have enjoyed exploring ways to project our… Read More