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Momentous moment in art at National Gallery London

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In 2025, the art world will witness a remarkable event at the National Gallery as “Siena: The Rise of Painting 1300?1350” opens its doors in spring, marking the 200th anniversary of the institution. This exhibition promises an unprecedented reunion of paintings by some of the most celebrated Italian artists of the 14th century, artworks that have been scattered across the globe for centuries. Highlighting this unique collection are masterpieces in gold ground, many originally part of larger compositions, offering visitors an opportunity to experience the innovative spirit of Western painting tradition from this era. The spotlight of the exhibition is the coming together of several panels from the revolutionary double-sided altarpiece, the Maestà, painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna for the cathedral in Siena. Recognized as the first double-sided altarpiece in Western art, this narrative shift in art will be showcased along with other significant pieces from the ensemble. Notably, the National Gallery’s panels from the Maestà will be reunited with works like “Christ and the Woman of Samaria” from the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, and “The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew” from the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Another focal point is the reunion of the Orsini Polyptych by Simone Martini, a folding piece created for private devotion, likely for Cardinal Napoleone Orsini. Dispersed between prestigious institutions – the Louvre in Paris, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin – the exhibition will bring together all six panels for a rare presentation. Besides these reunifications, the exhibition… Read More

Carmen is coming to Sadler’s Wells in London

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In an event that harmoniously blends tradition with contemporary flair, Sadler’s Wells Theatre unfolds its red carpet for Acosta Danza, as they present the UK premiere of Carlos Acosta’s version of Carmen from the 2nd to the 6th of July, 2024. This adaptation by the dance legend Carlos Acosta gives a new lease of life to Georges Bizet’s opera, stirring the soul nearly two centuries after Prosper Mérimée penned the original story. Carlos Acosta himself steps onto the stage, not just as a creator but as a performer, embodying ‘The Bull’ – a symbol of fate and destiny. This role, specially crafted by Acosta, emerges from his deep-seated desire to encapsulate the essence of the narrative while marking his departure from the Royal Ballet. His rendition of Carmen holds onto the timeless and universal appeal of the tale yet introduces a fresh perspective by minimising the setting to its core elements. Joining forces with Acosta Danza are Principal dancers Laura Rodriguez, Enrique Corrales, and Alejandro Silva, alongside guest stars from the Birmingham Royal Ballet – Yaoqian Shang, Javier Rojas, and Lachlan Monaghan, who will portray Carmen, Don José, and Escamillo, respectively. This cast embodies the spirit of the characters they portray, bringing to life the tragic tale of love, passion, and jealousy. Carmen’s story has always captivated the imagination of many, attracting a variety of choreographers such as Marius Petipa and Roland Petit to its fiery core. The opera’s enchanting melodies like the ‘Toreador Song’ and ‘Habanera’ continue to resonate, underscoring the opera’s enduring popularity… Read More

British Museum gets a new leader

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Dr. Nicholas Cullinan OBE has been appointed as the new Director of the British Museum, following the unanimous approval of the Board of Trustees and the agreement of the Prime Minister. With a wealth of experience and a track record of transformative leadership in the art world, Nicholas is set to spearhead a new era for one of the UK’s most prestigious cultural institutions. A Visionary Leader in the Making Nicholas Cullinan is renowned as one of the UK’s most esteemed museum directors, having steered the National Portrait Gallery to new heights since April 2015. His tenure at the Gallery marked a period of significant change, characterized by a complete re-presentation of the Collection and a substantial redevelopment of the building that expanded public space by a fifth. Prior to his role at the National Portrait Gallery, Nicholas curated exhibitions at renowned institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Tate Modern in London, showcasing his international perspective and innovative approach to curation. Embracing a New Chapter at the British Museum Taking the helm from Interim Director Sir Mark Jones, Nicholas Cullinan steps into the role with a clear mandate for progress and innovation. George Osborne, Chair of the British Museum, expressed utmost confidence in Nicholas’s ability to lead the institution into a transformative phase. Osborne remarked, “Nicholas Cullinan brings proven leadership today and great potential for tomorrow. His remarkable achievements at the National Portrait Gallery have earned him universal acclaim, and we believe he will continue this legacy at the… Read More

East London Shakespeare Festival announces Much Ado

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The East London Shakespeare Festival (ELSF), under the imaginative steersmanship of Ursula Early and Rosie Ward, co-artistic directors and the creative force behind the company, is poised to bring a fresh breeze of dramatic art to the parks and open spaces of East London this summer. Their adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing not only promises to be a visual delight set against a modern, summery Messina backdrop but also aims to strike a chord with audiences through its contemporary approach to Shakespeare’s work. The choice of the play speaks volumes about ELSF’s commitment to delivering performances that resonate with love, laughter, and the complexities of human relationships, drawing a direct line to the comedic heart of Shakespeare’s timeless narratives. This summer’s production is not just a retelling but a reimagining, infused with modern romantic comedy elements, promising an engaging blend of Shakespeare’s classic wit with the allure of contemporary romance narratives. The decision to integrate the character of Margaret as Messina’s resident lounge singer, thereby incorporating the Balthasar role, is a testament to ELSF’s innovative approach to adapting Shakespeare for modern audiences. This inventive twist not only adds a unique flavour to the production but also sets the stage for a truly immersive experience, underscored by music and the Mediterranean ambiance. Furthermore, ELSF’s ambition to make Shakespeare accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience, particularly to the residents of East London, reflects in their extensive community engagement program designed to run alongside the tour. By offering a plethora of activities and engaging directly with… Read More

The World Press Photo Exhibition returns to London


After a notable absence of seven years, the acclaimed World Press Photo Exhibition is making its much-anticipated return to London. This prestigious event is set to unfold at Borough Yards, Dirty Lane, London, SE1 9AD, from Friday, 3rd May, to Monday, 27th May 2024. Renowned for its role in highlighting the apex of photojournalism and documentary photography globally, the World Press Photo Contest is at the heart of this exhibition, showcasing a captivating array of powerful images. Tickets for this must-see exhibition are now available for purchase, offering attendees an extraordinary opportunity to engage with compelling stories and perspectives from around the globe. The World Press Photo Foundation’s core mission is to foster a deeper connection between individuals and the significant narratives shaping our world. Visitors are encouraged to transcend the everyday news cycle and critically reflect on diverse issues, facilitated by an extensive collection of high-quality visual stories aimed at enriching and enlightening viewers. The foundation, established in 1955, has a long history of celebrating outstanding photojournalism and documentary photography. Annually, the competition highlights the previous year’s most impactful works, bringing them to the attention of millions worldwide. With the exhibition travelling to over 60 cities across more than 40 countries, its influence and reach are truly remarkable. London Exhibition Director, Woody Anderson, spoke of the event’s unique position within the realm of visual storytelling, emphasizing the dedication and often hazardous efforts photographers undertake to capture these poignant moments. He remarked on the exhibition’s remarkable capacity to evoke a shared consciousness and bring critical… Read More

In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine, 1900-1930s


In June 2024, the Royal Academy of Arts is set to unveil a landmark exhibition titled “In the Eye of the Storm: Modernism in Ukraine, 1900–1930s“, which promises to be the most comprehensive display of Ukrainian modern art in the UK to this date. The exhibition, hosted at the Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Galleries from 29 June to 13 October 2024, aims to showcase a pivotal moment in East European art history through the lens of about 70 masterpieces. These pieces are to be borrowed from prestigious institutions such as the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Museum of Theatre, Music, and Cinema of Ukraine. The spotlight will be on iconic figures like Alexander Archipenko, Sonia Delaunay, Alexandra Exter, and Kazymyr Malevych. Additionally, it will illuminate the contributions of perhaps less internationally recognized yet equally influential artists such as Mykhailo Boichuk, Oleksandr Bohomazov, and Vasyl Yermilov. Each artist played a crucial role in shaping modernism within Ukraine and leaving a significant impact on the broader European art scene during the tumultuous early decades of the twentieth century. Geopolitically, Ukraine’s status as a contested borderland has deeply influenced its cultural and national identity formation. The land had been partitioned among various empires for centuries, with the notion of a unified Ukrainian nation emerging only in the late nineteenth century. Independent, yet fleeting, moments in Ukraine’s history were critical in cultivating a sense of national identity. This intricate history has led to a rich cultural tapestry, blending Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, and Jewish influences into a unique cultural entity…. Read More

A digital journey through the National Gallery’s rich history

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As we delve into the heart of the National Gallery’s captivating legacy, a treasure trove of stories and experiences awaits, unveiling the profound impact of art on lives and communities. The gallery’s illustrious history is woven with tales of generosity, evolution, and the remarkable individuals who have contributed to its timeless allure. A Legacy of Artistic Influence Life surrounded by art clearly had an impact on several young children of the National Gallery’s founding figures – two of whom later exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy as esteemed artists, testament to the profound influence of artistic immersion from a young age. Threads of Generosity and Growth Numerous narratives within NG Stories spotlight groups instrumental in nurturing the collection’s growth. The 113 subscribers who united to purchase Constable’s iconic “The Cornfield” in 1837, grounding a legacy that resonates to this day. Additionally, reflections on pivotal campaigns to preserve masterpieces by Titian for the nation in 1972, 2008, and 2012 underscore the enduring impact of collective generosity, shaping the collection’s remarkable scope. Evolution of Roles and Significance NG Stories delves into the evolution of pivotal roles at the Gallery, encompassing scientific, learning, framing, and art handling aspects, each intricately woven into the fabric of the Gallery’s mission. This exploration illuminates the vital significance of these roles in the day-to-day care of the collection, enriching our understanding of the meticulous curation and preservation efforts that safeguard the Gallery’s cultural treasures. Embracing Digital Enrichment Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital at the National Gallery, expresses a resolute commitment to leveraging… Read More

‘WHAT A FEELING’ World Premiere at BFI FLARE

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The World Premiere of WHAT A FEELING by Kat Rohrer is set to debut at the BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQIA+ Film Festival, on March 15, 2024. WHAT A FEELING marks Kat Rohrer’s first entry into fiction features, weaving a tale of love across cultural divides and societal expectations. This romantic comedy shines a spotlight on two middle-aged women, Marie Theres (Caroline Peters) and Fa (Proschat Madani), who boldly step out of societal margins to claim their space in a world ripe with possibilities. Supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the film boasts a stellar cast including Nicole Ansari-Cox, Barbara Spitz, Anton Noori, Gohar Nurbachsch, Allegra Tinnefeld, Heikko Deutschmann, Rafael Haider, Petra Morzé, Joseph Lorenz, Ines Kratzmueller, Adriane Gradziel, and many others. The storyline captivates from the start, with Marie Theres, a dedicated doctor gearing up for her 20th wedding anniversary, only to have her world turned upside down by her husband Alexander’s (Heikko Deutschmann) confession, leading to a fateful encounter with Fa at Bigi’s (Barbara Spitz) queer bar. Fa, with her carefree, spontaneous nature and openness about her love life, is starkly different from the more reserved Marie Theres. Despite the initial mismatch, an unexpected and complicated romance blossoms between them. Their story is a testament to the unpredictable, often winding paths love takes, reminding us that finding one’s place and person in the world can defy norms and expectations. WHAT A FEELING is set to be released in theaters across Austria on April 19, 2024, promising audiences a heartwarming, thought-provoking film that celebrates love… Read More

National Gallery’s record-breaking year

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In 2023, art enthusiasts around the world flocked to experience the awe-inspiring collection and captivating exhibitions offered by the National Gallery, London. The Gallery proudly announced an astounding total of 4,287,434 in-person visits to its premises and various immersive programs both locally and across the globe. This momentous achievement reflects the unwavering passion and dedication of art lovers who seek to connect with the beauty and creativity encapsulated within the National Gallery’s treasures. A Global Spectacle of Art Appreciation The impact of the National Gallery reverberated globally, with 952,551 visits recorded during the 2023?4 exhibition tour of Asia, spanning acclaimed venues such as the Shanghai Museum, The National Museum of Korea, and Hong Kong Palace Museum. Additionally, 154,202 visits were made to captivating National Gallery displays and exhibitions during their UK tour. These figures illustrate the far-reaching influence of the National Gallery’s artistic prowess, captivating audiences from diverse cultural landscapes. Thriving at Home: Trafalgar Square Triumph Undoubtedly, the beating heart of this remarkable feat lies in the impressive 3,096,508 visits to the Gallery in Trafalgar Square during 2023, representing a remarkable 14% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, the Gallery welcomed 26,201 school students and teachers, affirming its commitment to nurturing the next generation’s appreciation for art. Moreover, the Gallery’s Summer on the Square free outdoor festival of creativity drew an exhilarating 25,932 visits, underscoring the Gallery’s role as a vibrant hub of artistic expression and inspiration. Embracing the Digital Realm: Unprecedented Engagement In an age defined by digital connectivity, the National Gallery demonstrated exceptional… Read More

Planning the Perfect Cycling Daytrip for the Easter Holidays

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With the Easter holidays just around the corner, now is the ideal time to start planning a delightful cycling daytrip. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cyclist, there are fantastic bike excursions for everyone in the UK. Swytch, the UK’s foremost e-bike conversion company, has outlined five of the best routes suitable for all ages and abilities, along with some key tips for any cyclist to remember. Cycling has become more accessible than ever, but there are still some essential pointers to consider when preparing for a trip: First and foremost, ensure you pack the right equipment for your journey – even if the forecast predicts dry weather, it’s wise to bring along a compact rain cape. And speaking of equipment, always carry a map! Be sure to bring plenty of snacks, as running out of energy on a long bike ride is the last thing anyone wants, and having snacks on hand can be a great source of motivation too! Go at your own pace – if your riding companions are going too swiftly, don’t feel pressured to keep up. Ride at your own speed, and you’ll be able to cover much more ground while relishing the scenery for longer. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any route at your own comfort level. So, here are five of the UK’s finest bike trails suitable for cyclists of any ability. Happy riding! Whether you’re a beginner, a regular cyclist, or an avid MTB enthusiast, Dalby Forest offers breathtaking natural scenery… Read More