East London Shakespeare Festival (ELSF) brings Much Ado About Nothing to London

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There are lots of events in London parks throughout the summer, but few are so purposeful in their mission in injecting the wholesome feeling that comes from community theatre as the East London Shakespeare Festival.

In parks dotted all around London this summer, the Shakespeare theatre company will be showing one of the bard’s most popular plays, Much Ado About Nothing.

And if you’ve got kids, bring them along! The group is keen on getting kids involved to plant those seeds of interest and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s work from a young age. They put on some crafty options that kids go wild for.

It’s the kind of thing that just makes you smile. And the cast do a truly excellent job of blending contemporary reality with Shakespearean whimsy that you can very easily get into.

Throw in a little crowd participation and dance choreography that is as funny as it is engaging, there really is something for everyone.

If you’re not a theatre or community theatre-goer particularly, my suggestion is to throw off your preconceptions, go and surprise yourself.

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In Shakespeare’s delightful comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, audiences are transported to the enchanting setting of a modern-day Messina where sun-soaked mischief and romance intertwine under the Mediterranean stars. Filled with witty banter, clever trickery, and heartwarming moments, this opulent tale showcases the triumph of love amidst playful deceptions, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of human emotions and relationships set against a backdrop of timeless charm and laughter.

The East London Shakespeare Festival is known for its contemporary twists, high-energy party numbers, and engaging audience participation to more venues than ever before. The production kicks off on 7th June at Higham Hill Hub and will continue its tour until August, culminating in a press performance on Thursday 20th June at Hoxton Community Gardens.

Directed by Rosie Ward and produced by Ursula Early and Rosie Ward, Much Ado About Nothing is a testament to ELSF’s commitment to delivering top-notch performances that resonate with diverse audiences.

In addition to the production, ELSF offers an extensive community engagement programme designed to involve local residents in various activities. From workshops to interactive sessions, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to participate and immerse themselves in the magic of Shakespeare.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the East London Shakespeare Festival’s enchanting journey with Much Ado About Nothing. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of theatre and the timeless allure of Shakespeare’s works in the heart of east London.

More info and booking at the ELSF website

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Here are all the dates and show locations:

Higham Hill Hub, 7 – 9 June

Leyton Jubilee Park, 15 – 16 June

Hoxton Community Gardens, 20 –21 June

Applecart Arts, 22 – 23 June

Fellowship Square, 27 Jul – 30 June 

Highams Park, 5 – 7 July

Lauderdale House, 10 – 11 July

Forest Gate Community Gardens, 12 July

Crystal Palace Park, 13 – 14 July

Clissold Park, 18 – 21 July

Valentines Park, 25 – 26 July

Springfield Park, 27 – 28 July

Langthorne Amphitheatre, 31 July 

Wanstead Park, 3 August