5 reasons to get excited about Black Star Pastry at Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

Black Star Pastry 1

Black Star Pastry made their name well and the made it fast. Watermelon cake, anyone?

They’re back again this year at the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets, on now at Birrarung Maar, and peeps are getting excited.

They’re known for their delicate flavours, small portions and pretty presentation, but here’s what else is up with what they’ve got going on at this year’s session:

What do you think you bring to Good Food Month that is different to everyone else?

There are so many incredible culinary creations available during Good Food Month, but in terms of cake concepts, we’re bringing some unique slices to the stalls. This year we’ve brought our Strawberry Watermelon, Chocolate Lava, and Raspberry Lychee cakes to the Night Noodle Markets. Anyone with a sweet tooth needs to save room for at least one.

Black Star Pastry 3

How did you decide what will be your hero menu items this year?

Our iconic Strawberry Watermelon Cake is said to be the world’s most Instagrammed cake, so it picks itself as the hero item. It only makes its way to Melbourne once a year and the queues are always long for this sweet sensation. You know it’s a good cake when a molten chocolate fondant with raspberry compote, caramelised popcorn and freeze-dried raspberries takes second billing.

In three words, how’d you describe your flavour? 

Strawberry. Watermelon. Perfection.

What’s your favourite thing about food?

Good food is one of life’s great pleasures, that’s why we’re in the business of making it. Look around the Night Noodle Markets, it’s full of enjoyment and celebration. We sell dozens of birthday and wedding cakes a week and we love seeing our food in happy places and people happy when they eat our food.

Why Melbourne Good Food Month? 

Without doubt, Melbourne is the culinary capital of Australia. No other city can boast the diversity and quality of Melbourne’s food and wine offerings, and café, bar and restaurant culture. We love coming down here to serve the Melbourne crowds and hope to make a permanent home here soon.

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Black Star Pastry 2