5 best Latin American places to eat in Sydney

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Whether you are a Latino going travelling in Australia or you’re just going for a holiday there and want to find the best places in Sydney for Latin American recipes, we have you covered.

Keep reading to discover the best Latin American eateries in Sydney that can help you feel right at home, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Latin American Food in Australia

According to REVIEWBOX, globalisation has helped to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you are likely to be able to find food that reminds you of home. This is true for Latinos who are in Australia, as there is an array of restaurants and eateries that provide traditional Latin American recipes.

Food is such a big part of culture and so it is important to embrace different cultures and recipes all around the world, whilst still eating the food that you love from your home country.

If you are searching for Latin American dishes in Sydney, such as Ceviche, Empanadas, Cuy, Arepas, Pupusas, Tacos, Tamales, Aji Amarillo, or Feijoada, then here at the places you need to try:

INCA’S Restaurant Cafe & Bar

In Darlinghurst, Sydney, you’ll find Inca’s Restaurant Cafe & Bar which specialises in Peruvian and Latin cuisines. This place is great for seafood and has excellent reviews online. It is well worth a trip if you want delicious Latin American dishes.

Tequila Mockingbird

Situated in Paddington, you’ll find Tequila Mockingbird, which is a great restaurant to try out if you are looking for tasty Latin American cuisine. On the menu you can find sharing plates that showcase a fun and sophisticated twist on traditional Latin American dishes. People love the cocktails, atmosphere, food, and the service here, which is probably why they have won multiple awards.

El Indio Bondi Beach

This restaurant in Bondi serves up some of the best South and Latin American dishes available in Sydney. El Indio Bondi Beach offer excellent value for money on a range of dishes that can make any Latino feel like they are right at home.

Cafe con Leche

If you want a Latin American breakfast, brunch, or lunch, then Cafe con Leche in Surrey Hills has just what you need. They serve up a tasty Arepas and make a mean South American hot chocolate that definitely can’t be missed. Start your day right by going to the Cafe con Leche for some breakfast empanadas.

Per Kilo

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat but still want some high-quality Latin American food, then you need to try Per Kilo. Based in the Central Business District, Per Kilo serves a range of cuisines such as Latin, Mexican, Brazillian, Spanish, Argentinian, South American, and Colombian. They can cater to all your breakfast and lunch burrito needs.

If you are travelling around Australia and are looking for more tasty Latin American recipes and dishes to try, then check out our article on How to Feel the Taste of Latin America in Melbourne.