13 easy ways to create a zen office space on a budget

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The hectic modern lifestyle, especially in offices, has led to increased popularity of the Zen décor style. Busy offices involve a full day of the never-ending web of warfare and business battles that can easily tire the mind of a worker. It, therefore, becomes imperative for office owners to create a soothing Zen-like office space. The following are effective low budget ideas that can help a person to create a Zen office style with great office furniture.

De-stress with a zen garden

A mini Zen garden utilises the Eastern Japanese principle of de-stressing and meditation. With this item, office owners and workers can tend the garden by moving sand from one corner to the other using a rake or by manipulating rocks or statues. In doing so, they will not only be meditating but also become creative.

Utilising the power of mantra

One of the concepts of mantra is the repetition of words or phrases that aid in meditation. Therefore, people who own or work in an office can use the power of mantra by installing motivational Zen prints. These prints should have phrases and images that will promote calmness, peace, and tranquility, which will remind them to practice mindfulness in the office space.

Relaxing the mind with a water feature

In the Zen philosophy, water plays a crucial role in calming the human mind. A table-top water fountain is a cheap and excellent way of adding a new style to the office décor. More importantly, the sound produced by the flowing water will give office workers a soothing effect that will help their mind to relax and thus keep them focused on their work.

Harnessing the power of aroma

Good aroma in the office can give workers a quick, calming effect. Essential oils such as Rosemary, clove, bergamot, and geranium have qualities that not only enhance the working environment but also boost the mood of employees and encourage focus thus creating a Zen office space. Therefore, diffusing essential oils in an office is a surefire method of purifying the air and adding a pleasant aroma.

Organising the desk

The accomplishment of a Zen state of mind requires workers to be organised; working on a desk full of clutter isn’t going to cut it. It is, therefore, important to get a desk organiser to help with keeping everything in place. This will also save the employees the time they would otherwise spend looking for tools such as pens or an essential file that got lost in all the clutter.

Adding a natural touch

In Zen philosophy, nature is everything, and green space can do wonders in the workers’ mindset. Natural plants essentially purify the air and reduce headaches, which translates to increased focus and productivity. Therefore, office owners should add natural elements like indoor plants, which include trees and flowers.

Adopting meditation

To maintain lower stress levels among workers, managers should consider giving them time and space to rejuvenate. The reasoning behind this idea is simple; to enhance their mental energy, cognitive thinking, and creative minds, workers need to take breaks and recharge. Ideally, employees should be allowed a few minutes every day for meditation.

Learning through the bonsai tree

The Bonsai tree denotes a miniature potted tree that is widely utilised for meditation. When growing this tree on an office desk, a worker can learn the important virtue of patience and by watching the plant slowly take form. The Bonsai Tree will also give the working space a sense of nature.

Soothing with colour

A Zen-like office also involves using serene colours to keep its users calm and focused throughout the day. Examples of soothing hues include lavender, green, whites, and blues. Office owners should try and incorporate these shades on the walls, furniture, and floor.

Effective lighting

Good lighting is important as it can make the workers feel less tired after a long day at the office. An office should also have adequate natural light for enhanced visibility. Office owners should also add yellow lights in the background as they help to promote a calming and relaxed feeling.

Good noise

While open offices promote collaboration, the noise associated with such workplaces can be extremely disruptive. Zen philosophy strives to create a calm environment; companies should take steps towards minimising the noise, which will help their employees to focus optimally on their tasks. Towards this end, they can create soundproof ponds or look for gadgets that produce the white noise to filter out disruptive sounds.

Practicing gratitude

Zen primarily aims at encouraging the simple things in life. Employers should encourage the employees to appreciate what they have achieved instead of lamenting about what they haven’t done. This way, they will find the requisite strength and motivation to achieve more.

Fresh air

A hot, stuffy office can be unhealthy and potentially decrease the workers’ overall productivity. When working, workers ought to open the windows and let in some fresh air. While opening widows might not be practical during the cold season, office owners should resort to air conditioners to maintain a favourable work environment.

Most people spend eight hours or more working in an office. Jobs and careers are often the leading culprits of stress and exhaustion. That said, it is imperative to create a peaceful office space to not only encourage productivity but also to keep the workers healthy and contented.