5 simple interior additions by Timothy Oulton to refresh your home

Modern home

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying, renting, still with Mum and Dad or living out of a car; styling the inside of what you call home can be hard!

Whether you’re thinking Scandi, Retro, modern, contemporary, Gothic or anything in-between, there are few designers out there with something for everyone with the price tag and overall aesthetic to match. Unless you’re Timothy Oulton.

It was a few years ago now they opened their first Timothy Oulton store in Melbourne, but since then, the brand has gone from strength-to-strength.

From sectional and Chesterfield sofas, armchairs, tables and the rest of it, the English-cum-global designer has really hit the mark when it comes to the inside of your place.

Here are 5 simple additions from the English designer furniture label that will change the way you do life.

Sectional sofa

Timothy Oulton sectional sofas

Timothy Oulton has a great range of casual, sectional sofas that are made with rich hand-softened leathers and fabric with either a casual or more uppity look.

Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield sofas Westminster

Before you turn your nose up at the classic Westminster Chesterfield – the kind you’d find in the English Palace of Westminster – give it a shot. With luxurious leather and a rich dark colourway, it can add a welcome hit of style to any room.


Bastille armchair

Leather can be cold in winter and sticky in summer, so opting for a fabric armchair is always a good idea. With a low back and arm rests, these little creations can be as comfy as they are stylish in any room.

Dining table

Timothy Oulton trapt dining table

Regardless of your living capacity, no home is complete without a dining table, or better yet, dining set! From wood, to marble or plastic if that’s your style, there is something for everyone with any budget.

Lights, lights, lights

Timothy Oulton chandelier

When in doubt, add light. Light can be playful, moody, enchanting, and the funkier the fitting, the more life it adds!