Growing up in Milton, New South Whales, Hein Cooper found his musical grounds in high school and has not stopped growing since. His imaginary lyrics mixed with his acoustic guitar has seen him be snatched up by Indica Records, and record his debut EP with Marcus Paquin. We caught up with Hein really quickly to […]

It’s a f&^*#ing Party, Tsingtao style

The invitation was pretty straight forward – ‘This is not a launch, it’s a f$#%ing party!” – already has you excited. A simple invitation by Tsingtao like this keeps expectations low, however this party easily exceeded these expectations. The night was filled with all kinds of entertainment to keep your Tuesday night, completely not your […]

Taste of Sydney by Victorinox

Over four delicious days, the Taste of Sydney event celebrated some of the city’s finest and hottest restaurants thanks to the support of leading players in the knife game, Victorinox. Taste of Sydney is a spectacular food celebration showing Sydney’s cultivating dining scene. The park was filled with a variety of stallholders keeping you busy throughout […]

Sydney’s Great Gatsby Soirée

By Michael Briones.  A celebration of an era of extravagance. There was a tremendous hype for the premiere movie of Baz Luhrmann’s take of the Great Gatsby. This weekends Soirée made no exception to let this hype decease. Rather, instead of celebrating this long awaited excitement by just simply watching it at the cinemas, we […]