Complete your dapper look with new shoes by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Oscar Hunt Brogue Brown tying shoe laces

Oscar Hunt know menswear, style, and all things tailoring, so when they announce that they now do shoes, if you’re in the market for looking sharp, then this is for you. Oscar Hunt co-owner and managing director Chris Edwards said that shoes were a natural progression for the brand. “We focus on delivering a concierge-style […]

Men’s Tailoring: Brownmen & Co.

If there’s one thing we’ve almost reached saturation point of is men’s bespoke suit and tailoring retailers, both online and in-store. It seems everywhere you turn there are a range of both flooringly awesome and shamefully embarrassing bespoke tailoring retailers in Melbourne, Sydney and abroad that offer the same product with different finishings, fabrics and […]

Mr. Porter launches Thom Sweeney

The Thom Sweeney name is synonymous with sharp, slick silhouettes and superbly luxurious bespoke tailoring for the discerning gentlemanly wearer. In a day and age where how you present yourself is increasingly paramount, having something like this now readily at the fingertips of the masses is a blessing for those who appreciate tailoring of such a high […]