Christmas Giveaway: ‘Hawthorn’ Watch from Melbourne Watch Company!

Dudes and their watches go together like cheese and wine, so when you see a chance – like this one – to add to your collection, you damn well take it! The Melbourne Watch Company is one of the finest Melburnian watchmakers out there with some legit quality pieces in its arsenal. They Melb. Watch […]

Cakes and Watches

Typically a cake chef and a watch company don’t have much in common.   Let Petit Gateau is a Melbourne based cake business and the Melbourne Watch Company is – you guessed it – a Melbourne based watch company that admittedly makes some of the loveliest watches to come from this city in quite the […]

Parkville by the Melbourne Watch Company

If I’ve mentioned it once, I’ll mention it a thousand times. And as long as the Melbourne Watch Company keeps pumping out such nice-looking pieces of mechanical wrist wear, I’ll keep doing so. The Melbourne Watch Company‘s newest addition to its range, the Parkville, is currently under production as we speak, which will make a more […]

The Melbourne Watch Company

Beautiful watches for stylish men is what the Melbourne Watch Company is all about. I got to know a bit about their back story when I last spoke to the guy behind it all. Sujain Krishnan wanted to bring his extensive experience in mechanical watch making to the masses when he founded his company in the […]

The Melbourne Watch Company

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, they say. And while you’d be hard done to fit the entirety of Melbourne into the face of a watch, the saying still applies when you look at the collections of the Melbourne Watch Company. It’s a small operation, founded and directed by Melburnian Sujain Krishnan whose love […]