Your new local public bar and wine shop in Brunswick, Melbourne is Bahama Gold

Bahama Gold roadside pub bar

Featuring $60,000 worth of sound equipment, access to a collection of 500 records and more than 500 bottles of wine collected over the last 20 years, this intimate venue in Brunswick East is a feast for the senses.

Nestled next door to Brunswick East’s beloved Old Palm Liquor you’ll find Bahama Gold – a public bar and bottle shop conceived by Neighbourhood Wine and Old Palm Liquor founding partners and hospitality veterans Almay Jordaan and Simon Denman.

They wanted to try a new venue that served as a case study on how space and sound joyfully intersect, while actually serving excellent beverages with a quality surround.

As with their other venues, Simon and Almay have worked closely with a network of local artisan trades to bring the space to life, always keeping the mindset of ‘function over form’ – ensuring lighting and acoustics are front of mind with every design decision. 

What makes it unique is the dedication to quality the founders put into the new venue.

Each week, Simon and the wine team meet with approximately 20 winemakers to taste and purchase their products – and the team purchase so frequently, they admit that some bottles in their collection are so rare that not even the producers themselves have any left.

Of course, there are beers and non-alcoholic sips from local producers available too, all of which have gone through the same rigorous taste-testing by Simon and wine team as the bottles housed upstairs. 

While the concept of Bahama is ever-changing, don’t expect it to become a restaurant or gastro-led wine bar anytime soon. The food offering has been kept purposefully simple, featuring rotating snacks and small plates whipped up next door at Old Palm Liquor. 

Bahama Gold is open daily from 12pm-12am for walk-ins only.

Find Bahama Gold at 135 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057