How to make a DIY desk for your home office

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There’s nothing more satisfying than taking on a home DIY project and seeing it through to fruition. Whether you are upcycling or creating something from scratch, home projects are enjoyable and challenging as well as helping you to develop new skills!

Find a design you like

There are lots of online resources where you can find designs for desks. But not all designs are created equally. If you will be working a lot at home, it’s best to find an option that is ergonomic and that will support your arms when you work. Additionally, it should be of a suitable height for you and the chair you will be using.

Good places to look for home desk DIY ideas include Pinterest, Instagram, and even some Facebook groups which provide step-by-step guides including photos. Alternatively, you can conduct a few Google searches to find a range of projects to suit your needs.

Source your materials

What are you going to make the desk from? Will you buy wood to build it, or will you use recycled items such as crates or palettes? There are even ideas for home desks made out of concrete blocks, plastics, and bricks, but the most practical ones are made from wood or wood-like materials.

Figure out how you will put it together

Next up, you need to figure out how you will assemble your desk. Often, it’s required that you use a few different techniques including a hammer and nails, and often, a strong, sturdy glue. For a project of this kind, you’re probably going to need a construction adhesive that is designed to have both a strong initial grip and an extra-strong ongoing adhesion. They are typically weatherproof and can be painted over, meaning once your desk is assembled, you can paint it whatever colours you wish! Look for glue from a reputable and well-known brand to ensure it works well and holds forever!

Dedicate some time to assembling it

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Source: Pexels

Once you’ve done all the practical groundwork, it’s time to set aside a few hours to make your desk. Choose a time when the children are at school and pets are asleep, else you will find the task much more arduous. Lay out all your materials, glues, tools, and instructions, and put on some nice music to keep you motivated.

If you are painting the desk or treating it with varnish or similar, it’s advisable to wait until it’s assembled before doing so. Remember to keep a window open to let any fumes go out!

Enjoy your new desk!

Congratulations, you have successfully built your very own home desk. Be sure to keep some glue on hand, just in case you missed a bit, and for any additional repairs.

A handmade desk is something that is not only functional, but it’s attractive as well. Furthermore, you can keep it as a special item in your home, and pass it down to other members of your family with the pride and knowledge that you made it yourself from scratch. Last but not least, by using recycled items instead of buying new ones, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Feature image: Pexels