Why New Caledonia is a great holiday destination for winter

New Caledonia island beach

As winter sets in down under, many Aussies look to the Northern Hemisphere for warmer climes. However, you don’t have to travel halfway around the world to escape the cold. New Caledonia is accessible in just two hours from Brisbane and three from Sydney and boasts year-round summer weather, making it a perfect destination for those seeking sunshine even in winter.

During June-August, which is considered the dry season for this South Pacific oasis, temperatures sit at a very pleasant 22°C with lower humidity, clearer skies, and more sunlight than other times of the year. This mild climate makes outdoor activities more comfortable than in the sweltering heat of summer. With countless activities to do in New Caledonia, you’re sure to find your perfect tropical escape this winter.

The destination has little congestion even during peak season in summer, but visiting in winter means even more space to yourself. Here are some of the top activities to enjoy:

Explore the lagoon Diving and snorkeling are great activities to enjoy in New Caledonia’s World Heritage-listed lagoon, especially between June and October when the clear blue waters offer better visibility. If swimming isn’t your thing, take a flight over the lagoon to enjoy the view from above.

Taste a slice of France New Caledonia’s French influence is strong, and you can enjoy wine tastings, cheese, and pastries all year round. Don’t miss the Bastille Day celebration on July 14th, complete with a parade of lanterns, community dances, and fireworks.

Go hiking New Caledonia is a hiker’s paradise, with over 500km of marked trails ranging from red earth deserts to dense tropical forests. Winter offers the perfect temperature for comfortable hiking without overheating.

Spot the whales From July to September, humpback whales come to New Caledonia to rest, recover, and give birth, making winter a great time to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Take a catamaran to Prony Bay for the best chance of an encounter.

Golf New Caledonia’s golf courses offer beautiful views and are suitable for all levels of proficiency. During the dry season, golfing conditions are perfect with low humidity, warm weather, sunshine, clear skies, and little wind.

Escape the cold this winter and head to New Caledonia for a tropical getaway.