Truth about the travel blues: the shocking reality of travel itineraries

Travel planning can be a major source of stress for Australians, with many struggling to create an itinerary they’re happy with. According to recent research, 44% of Australians find holiday planning frustrating, with 35% feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

This stress is not only impacting their holiday experience but also causing regret after the fact, with 20% admitting to missing out on authentic experiences.

Australians long for more enriching travel experiences, and the key ingredient is local recommendations. Surprisingly, over half (57%) of Australians don’t consider this while planning their trip, despite the fact that 86% wish they had insider tips before embarking on their travels. Making use of these recommendations can lead to discovering hidden gems (69%) or trying new experiences (68%).

Enter New Zealand’s Local Lens Series, which offers visitors the chance to experience Aotearoa through the eyes of locals. Kiwis have insider knowledge of the best spots on both the North and South Islands, including top tips for road tripping the Central North Island and exploring the West Coast of the South Island.

Some of the lesser-known treasures that can be uncovered include grabbing a lamb & gravy toastie at Kai Nui in Taumarunui or walking the Bridge to Nowhere in the ‘valley of abandoned dreams’ on the North Island. Those visiting the South Island may want to try their hand at rock fossicking at Constant Bay and Doctors Bay.

Don’t miss out on the chance to discover unexpected gems in New Zealand. For more insider tips, visit or follow @purenewzealand.


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