How to travel cheap: some tips on how to save money and get the most out of it

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Think you need to earn a lot to travel? Is it possible to travel abroad without a large amount of money? Ready to dispel these myths in the article? To do this, we have studied the ways of budget travel and prepared a detailed guide. Let’s divide travel expenses into 3 main sections.

Preparing for a Budget Travel

  • Plan your own trip. This way you can save on accommodation and flights compared to package tours. The exception is profitable last-minute trips.
  • Travel in the off-season. We do not recommend traveling to Europe on New Year’s holidays or to Turkey on May holidays. Experienced travelers are advised to travel in October-November or February.
  • Plan your travel itinerary. So you can book accommodation in advance and buy tickets at a discount.
  • Find a travel company. With a group of 4-6 people, it is easier to book accommodation, and traveling is cheaper, more fun, and safer.
  • Rent a car. Renting a car will save you a lot of time and money. The main thing is to choose the right rental company. Now you can rent a car via the Internet using a computer or even a phone. So with just a few clicks you can easily and hassle-free rolls royce rental dubai. The car rental company provides a huge selection of luxury cars that will suit both large companies traveling and business trips. Just rent and enjoy the comfortable trip.

Buying tickets and booking accommodation for cheap travel


Look for cheap tickets

Subscribe to promotions of aggregator sites and wait for discounts in your direction. Set up sending information on your route: the system will update the cost of tickets every day. Choose tickets with transfers, they are usually cheaper. Be careful when buying: do not overpay for insurance, seat selection, and other additional services.

If you travel regularly, get a cashback miles card

Pay with miles for tickets, free access to airport business lounges, and get travel insurance.

Save on housing

Book accommodation for free in Couchsurfing projects. Residents of countries place an offer to live with them on special sites. As a thank you, bring souvenirs, buy food and talk about your country. So you can live up to 7 days. When choosing, be guided by reviews about the owner of the house. Thanks to Couchsurfing, you can travel without money. You can spend the night cheaply in hostels. They provide rooms for 2 people or beds in rooms for 6-15 people. We advise you to choose network companies so as not to endure noise, dirt, and parties until the morning. If you value comfort, catch hotel promotions on When you book accommodation regularly, the application increases your rating and gives additional discounts. Call the hotel of your choice directly. Often hoteliers increase the cost of a room on Booking in order to compensate for the commission.

Participate in special programs

You can travel for free on exchange programs or as a volunteer, nanny, nurse, or picker of vegetables, fruits, or berries. Find agencies that organize similar trips. They will help with the search for a program, paperwork, visas, etc.

Travel with tents

Stay free in nature or in well-maintained campsites. It’s much cheaper than a night in a hotel. In large cities, ask for an overnight stay in the courtyards of churches and temples. Before the trip, do not forget to study the rules of the country, so as not to earn a fine for setting up a tent in the wrong place.

How to travel with almost no money?

  • Do not call a taxi to the airport or train station;
  • Move within the country on foot, by public transport, by rented car, or by hitchhiking;
  • Save on food;
  • Go on tours for free;
  • Don’t waste money on communications;
  • Feel free to bargain.

Budget travel is not for everyone

After our article, it may seem that budget travel is not for you. In the first stage, do not use all the tips at once. Believe me, even 2-3 life hacks will save you a large amount. Choose affordable options and travel wisely.