Buckle is turning men’s wardrobes into things of great style

Buckle factory

Menswear has a new name when it comes to accessories and leading the pack is Buckle 1922.


The masters of accessories, and the simplifiers of style, the new range by Buckle that dropped this month is an easy-to-coordinate and just as easy-to-choose range of everything from pocket squares to ties and the rest of it.

Starting from humble beginnings back in 1922, Buckle has quickly evolved into one of the country’s leading retailers of what dudes need to finish a look.

Buckle Maria

With a talented range of hands-on craftspeople, the Buckle range offers something many other brands of mass production don’t: quality.

Buckle bow tie

Whether it’s women who hand-cut the leather hides they receive into belt-sized strips, or the men who handle the gluing and finer construction of the end product, it’s all quality, all hands-on and all 100% wantable.

See more in the Buckle range here.

Buckle Toronto belt