Why Australian whiskey?


One of the greatest pleasures you can ever enjoy is having a glass of liquor when you need one, and the most recent goldmine for whiskey is Australia.

I have never tasted Nectar, but I am sure it is nothing compared to this liquid gold from Oz.

There is no strange art in making Australia Whiskies. The distilling and maturing process is similar to other whiskies, so why is there so much interest in this very young whiskey class?

No sweat, I may not be Australian, but I am quite the connoisseur when it comes to whisky.

I got you covered.

I refuse to go into another elaborate debate on why it is Whisky and not Whiskey; the spelling doesn’t affect its quality.

Maybe it does!

The Australian Whisky is mostly distinct because it is made entirely of malt and matured in ex-wine casks. As you will see in the guide below, there are variations in the fermentation and even the mash bills, the Archie Rose Single Malt is made of six different malts, while the Starward and the Upshot have lesser malt than wheat or corn but no judgment, they are still Aussies.

This guide shows you the five leading elixirs of the Australian continent and why each sip is worth the cost.

Starward Two-Fold Double Grain

If you doubt what Australian Whisky should taste like, try the Starward Two-Fold; it is the absolute epitome of Melbourne craftsmanship.

The Starward Two-Fold Double Grain has a mash bill of 40% malted barley and 60% Australia Wheat, matured in red wine barrels to give it that almost red golden yellow color of sunset.

The flavor reminds me of a field of nuts and berries with a touch of burning oak, don’t even get me started on the taste. The Starward Two-Fold has a strong grainy texture on the palate that somehow tastes like caramel and toast. It is literally heaven in a bottle.

Sullivans Cove French Oak

The Sullivan Cove is a trailblazer among Australian Whiskies. On its own, this elixir brought the world’s attention to the continent and its Whisky by winning the award for Best Single Malt and setting the tone for Oz Whisky.

Beyond the international recognition, this beauty is art in a bottle. It carries a distinguished dark chocolate flavor accompanied by a spicy tang that leaves you wanting more.

A bottle of Sullivan Cove French Oak is one of the most challenging drinks to come by these days, it might be the Distillery’s attempt to increase public interest, but even you know that it is worth the hype.

Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky

What does a multi-award-winning whisky taste like? Get the Archie Rose Single Malt to find out. The Archie Rose team finally outdid themselves by creating a whisky that makes your mouth water before you open the bottle.

The Archie Rose Single Malt carries a unique flavor of dark chocolate and raisins with hints of herbs. The taste on the palate is rich and has the undeniable presence of the ex-bourbon and ex-rye casks that accompanied the Australian Sherry casks used to mature the unique mash bill of six malts that make up this work of art.

Lark Classic Cask Single Malt Australian Whisky

This is a whisky worthy of its Tasmanian heritage. Like every member of the Lark family, the Classic Cask Single Malt presents a rare opportunity for whisky lovers to experience Australian Legacy at its finest.

Made from peated Franklin barley, the Classic Cask Single Malt is matured for an average of five to eight years to give it that amber glow and the distinct Lark family citrus feel.

This handcrafted dram carries an unusual sweet but spicy flavor with hints of orange accompanying the sweet vanilla presence, reflecting an excellent balance on the nose and palate.

Whipper Snapper Upshot Australian Whiskey

No better liquor describes renegades as the Whipper Snapper’s Upshot. It maintains the rebellious position among Australian Whiskies, refusing to use the usual single malt that Oz distilleries have come to adapt; the Whippers chose to try something more American.

 If we are being technical, the Upshot is more of Bourbon than any other Australian Whisky. Its mash bill is almost composed of more corn than wheat and barley, all matured in virgin American oak casks to transport you across the seas.

For an Australian Whisky with more corn than several American Bourbons and deprived of typical wine casks maturity, the Upshot is the champion of multicultural whisky.

What Now?

Now that you have five exceptional bottles to choose from, I should warn you that after your first taste of Australia Whisky, you may never stop. So grab a glass or two because whisky is best enjoyed with company.

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