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5 easy travel hacks to cut down your holiday headaches

Living in 2021 can be very stressful and can leave us wanting to get away from it all and spend time doing something we love far away from home. Whether it’s going down a hill on a snowboard or kicking back and chilling on the beach, you’ll want to spend as much as possible on your holiday enjoying yourself and sorting out silly little problems that need not to have occurred

With that in mind, here are some easy hacks to cut down on your holiday headaches.

#1 The lotion bottle purse

If you’re going on your first holiday for a while, you might be wondering about how you keep your keys and phone (and maybe a bit of cash too) safe and sound at the beach while you’re in the sea. The quick solution is to clean out an old sunscreen bottle and use that to store your valuables. The bottle will not look too obvious with your other things, so won’t be a target for thieves.

#2 Make your luggage stand out

When you haven’t been on holiday in a while, you are going to want to get on with enjoying yourself, or at least going to your hotel and getting settled. What you don’t want is to be stood there with 100 people who have the same case as you trying to spot your luggage. The thing to do here is to tie a bright scarf or belt around your case to make it stand out and you can retrieve it easily.

#3 Freshen up your room

In some of the more interesting hotels you might stay in on your travels, you’re bound to come across some that smell very ‘lived in,’ or alternatively that haven’t been used for a while and smell a bit musty. Rather than put up with the small, if you simply tape a dryer sheet over the front of the AC unit in your room, it will small much better in super-quick time. (dryer sheets are also perfect for putting in your dirty laundry bag in your case to make sure the rest of your clothes smell nice and clean)

#4 Legally stream free live-sports

While you’re away on holiday, and you want to watch sports events back home without taking out a subscription, you’ll like this next one. The sporting event you want to watch might not be on TV in the country you are visiting but could be on Unibet TV, which is available for free to all Unibet players that have money in their account.

#5 TV USB charger

If you’ve got to the hotel and found you don’t have the right plug for your charging lead (or the hotel wants to charge you a fortune for hiring one of theirs), there is one important thing you need to remember. Most modern TVs will have a USB port on the back where you can plug in your lead and charge up your phone.

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