Where Tokyo’s streets come to life

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DOPA, the retro Japanese fast-casual eatery created by The Devon Group, has recently opened its 7th store, marking its first ever location in the Eastern Suburbs. On December 8th, DOPA introduced Bondi Junction to its chemically transformative culinary experience, inspired by the chemical dopamine.

The menu, expertly crafted by Executive Chef Zachary Tan and Executive Pastry Chef Markus Andrew, offers a delightful balance of sweet and savory dishes. Drawing inspiration from the streets of Tokyo, DOPA reimagines Japanese comfort food while adhering to its slow food ethos of quality, sustainability, and ethical food production. The stars of the menu are the Japanese donburis, with over twenty variations to choose from.

To celebrate the grand opening of DOPA Bondi Junction, they are introducing the Bondi Don, a vegan donburi packed with flavor. This plant-based delight features a beef patty alternative, rice, tare, seaweed, sliced shallots, vegan cheese, secret sauce, and tomato sauce—a perfect choice for health-conscious Bondi consumers.

Classic donburis include mouthwatering options like teriyaki chicken and karaage. For those seeking a unique twist, DOPA offers choices such as the cheeseburger wagyu, wagyu beef tongue, or glacier 51 toothfish. Dessert lovers will revel in the popular DOPA mochi daifuku, available in flavors like matcha, strawberry, and vegan mango. The signature matcha or original cheesecake tantalizes taste buds, combining the best of east and west flavors. Thirst-quenching signature drinks include DOPA’s home brewed iced tea in refreshing lychee, raspberry, and Yuzu flavors.

Step inside DOPA and you’ll find its vibrant menu reflected in the sleek interior design. The iconic DOPA red brick walls, adorned with blue tiles inspired by traditional Japanese waves, create a striking visual. Japanese graphics grace the walls, while light timber furniture adds a touch of elegance. Look closely and you’ll notice ‘DOPA Boy’ depicted throughout the eatery. According to the story, he was just an ordinary boy in Japan until he tasted a donburi bowl from DOPA. Instantly, he felt like he had superpowers and could conquer the world. DOPA Boy embodies the eatery’s mission to provide fresh and healthy “fast food” that leaves customers feeling great.

Visit DOPA at Bondi Junction to embark on a culinary journey that combines traditional Japanese flavors with a contemporary twist. Experience the chemically transformative delights and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of DOPA. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in Japanese comfort food reimagined at its finest.