Tranquility meets functionality at new BodyMindLife studio in Kirrawee

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We spend so much of our lives in the gym, so to find somewhere that feels like home (perhaps even nicer!) is the ultimate goal. That place has been found at the BodyMindLife studios. The brand new studio at Kirrawee in the South Village precinct has opened and between the 75 classes each week and stunning facilities, this is the first time we’ve never wanted to skip a workout.

BodyMindLife founder Philip Goodwin says this was exactly his intention. “We want the community to come together here and to feel like they can stay as long as they like,” Goodwin says. As soon as you enter the peaceful space with its white walls, diffuser scented air and scandi elements, you’re immediately relaxed. I’m usually one to rush to and from the gym in a desire to get it over and done with, but at BodyMindLife I arrive early to stretch and remain after class for a cup of herbal tea.

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For those not familiar with Reformer Pilates itself, Reformer uses all the methodologies behind Pilates but instead performs them on moving platform frame (or ‘bed’) with different weighted springs to that create resistance as you move back and forth. The moving frame allows you to really target those small muscle groups and get in deep stretches you may not have thought was possible. Reformer is great for recovery after an injury and and building long, lean muscles.

If you think there’s only so many moves you can do on a reformer bed think again. There appear to be an endless combination of using the straps, lying on your back, kneeling and using equipment like boxes and hoops. Besides the basic warm ups, during my first month of classes I don’t think I repeated a move more than a handful of times! Every class was unique, as was every teacher, with each one of the experts bringing their own flair and experience from their varied backgrounds of dance, barre and personal training.

Reformer classes themselves are split into two types: Align and Flow. Align focuses on getting the positions right and is a slower pace, perfect for beginners. While Flow is for those more familiar with the practice and who are after a good burn. I started with Align classes until I was confident, and then did Flow on alternating days. Each week is themed, but since every teacher does it differently it’s never the same workout twice. For example there was lunge week (not my favourite but great for booty goals!), legs in straps and arms in straps… the list goes on which is a testament to the creativity and fun the studio champions.

If Reformer isn’t for you or you’d like to mix it up, the studio also offers plenty of hot yoga classes (including beginners sessions heated to a balmy 28 degrees) to choose from and endless private infrared sauna sessions to help you relax and rejuvenate. Other studios, Kirrawee is one of five around Sydney, even offer meditation classes to bring the mind and body into balance.

Whatever your poison (or in this case, pleasure), BodyMindLife is an oasis in a busy world that allows you to reconnect to your body and soul. “Spending time in the studio is like a step back in time – when we weren’t running around with a smartphone on us all the time,” Goodwin say, “Yoga, meditation and Pilates are a way to balance out the deadlines, commitments and modern lives we lead, and tune back into ourselves. The practice is a path to better health, discovering what you want from life, and understanding what really makes you happy.”

Unlimited yoga and meditation memberships start at $37.50 a week, and reformer Pilates at $55, with access to both yoga and reformer Pilates for $60. Keep your eye on the timetable too as the studio will start hosting workshops, events and teacher training soon also!

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