Tips for choosing the ideal shoes

Shoes on men and women

Whether dressing your favourite jeans or adding comfortable sneakers to a classic suit, footwear can comfortably provide every outfit with an excellent feel. Design details such as vibrant colours, unique accents, graphic prints and novel silhouettes are guaranteed to make everything from everyday looks to innovative customisation into instant declaration ensembles without compromising their functionality.

Let’s face it: ladies have a special connection to their shoes and purses. They’re accessories they are going to wear from their youth to their elderly age. Shoes and purses can do a lot for women ensembles and even influence their feelings about themselves. Nothing can liken to an incredible new pair of Gucci shoes or a magnificent new bag. But not all of us are stylists, and it could be a challenging task to choose the perfect shoes for your wardrobe. That is why we have developed a guide to help you always look your best!

Consider the material.

The most crucial thing to take into account is their material while selecting shoes. Don’t just rush towards stylish without studying material, if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable afterwards. Take leather or suede better. Leather tends to absorb humidity and does not allow your feet to sweat. For practically every event, leather pumps with beautiful high heels look fantastic. And you can be on the safe side because they are going to last a longer.

Choose a shoe that compliments your outfit.

Your goal is to compliment your ensemble and not compete with it. If you have a flashy item like a top, you will want to leave the sequin stilettos in the wardrobe and go to something more modest. If your outfit is flat or monotonous, it is a great chance to present a pair of dazzling shoes that add a little flair to your look.

The key here is equilibrium. You want to avoid having one item in your ensemble; you want to prevent each item from standing out or having a monotonous, uninteresting look. If your outfit is all one colour, try not to wear the same colour, but aim for more complementing items.


Never take a tight pair, because you can’t wear it more than once. Know your exact size and choose the proper pair. Always try your shoes, since the sizes might vary depending on the shoe style and the manufacturer. Don’t be sure that they will extend a little as soon as they are made of leather. Of course, it is natural that the latter should be accustomed for a while with pure leather shoes and be the ideal shape, but never risk and rely on this feature.

Until you reach this level, your feet can already be in a terrible stage. Remember, too, that your feet alter in size over the seasons. You may be 50% larger in summer than in winter if the feet get thinner because of the cold. So be careful with the season, too. Take the boots with a bit of spacious room when buying winter boots as you wear them with socks, or inspect the latter with socks.

TLDR, if you are considering buying shoes & boots from Brand House Direct, make sure to go for something that’s one size more than your normal size. It’ll be an easy fit that way.    

Purchase the shoes according to the occasion.

The first step to choose the proper shoes is to think about the occasion. Remember always that even the loveliest shoes may not be perfect at all times. Evening shoes that are delicate or have audacious characteristics do not fit into the business setting. The same can be stated in a formal setting with flip flops.

An excellent rule for selecting the proper shoes is that ballet flats or casual loafers combine perfectly with outdoor activities and family days. Evening dinners and functions require simple pumps or a couple of simple, comfy heels. When you put the outfit together, you have to take into account what the day would include. A family picnic in the park isn’t probably the moment to reveal your new heels.

Purchase shoes according to your body shape.

When choosing the correct shoes, believe it or not, your body type counts. Do not, for example, choose boots that cut off the broader section of your beef: high boots should cut off above your beef, where the leg starts narrowing under the knee. When you wear flat shoes, avoid wearing them with acceptable jeans because you may look quite heavy (this style works only for wonderful individuals!).

Avoid pointed toed shoes that make feet appear even longer if you have big feet. And petite women should also avoid wearing heels that are more than 4 inches high because their legs actually appear larger. Fashion enthusiasts with shorter legs also have to be avoided, as they do nothing to lengthen their legs as a high heel should do. Seek shoes that flatter your legs and figure using quality shoes.