Celebrity fashion trends: what’s hot now?


Celebrity fashion is at its best, and it’s crisscrossing the lines of music artists, actors/actresses, producers, models, and fashion designers. One notable thing happening now is the red carpet divas keeping track of the latest fashion trends. This helps fashionistas to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and get them delivered in their own unique style.

Have you ever wondered how many hot new trends were released recently? Well, the answer is celebrity engagement. Celebrity fashion is helping fashionistas stay up to date with the recent fashion trends by doing their best to encourage the trendsetters to pull off the best and unique fashion looks. In addition, most luxury brands such as Burberry have also maintained their presence in the fast-changing celebrity fashion industry.

The changing celebrity fashion industry

Fashion trends are changing every day, season after season and year after year. There are literally thousands of trends that become popular at any time. However, there are a few trends that have become a staple in the fashion industry throughout the years. Some of the more popular trends include celebrity engagement, the waiting game, hosiery, and more. While this might seem blemish to the fame whoredom, fashion experts claim there are actually a few other unique fashion trends that are slowly but surely shifting into stardom.

As any fashion guru will tell you, the three most important aspects of fashion trends are the general look, the taste, and the trend. With celebrity fashion, it’s no different. What’s hot right now is what’s hot. Fashion icons are the stylists, the fashion trendsetters, who try to determine what’s cool and what’s not. This helps create a cohesive look and encourages fashion enthusiasts to buy into the trend. In addition, as more celebrities jump on the bandwagon, it just increases the likelihood for other big-name celebrities to do the same.

Another primary concern that fashion trendsetters have to deal with is the changing complexion of the trendy crowd. Skinny jeans originated in the 1990s and are now popping up again. What most fashion trendsetters want to avoid is making their look neutered and lacking color/spice. Famous people aren’t the only trendsetters that drive the fashion industry, however. Producers from shows like Curvravewatch, ultimate Frida, America’s Next Top Model, and The Hills debuted their own pop-culture-inspired fashion line, and they look every bit as cool as their counterparts.

Of course, it’s unpredictable whether or not celebrity-inspired fashion will become a significant trend. That said, it’s made for more Louise Lazzarini style… Louise Lazzarini’s style is hot right now. The popped collars and seck dresses, ruffled britches, and oversized sweatshirts make for a pretty huge stepping stone into a complete fashion own from a particular celebrity, and no one is safe from the forceful flex of the enormous, voluptuous71 indigo ponytail coiffure.

As a bonus, “Louie” recently appeared on another top model’s abbreviated runway show, this time in Marc by Marc Jacobs. A recurring motif in this season’s fashion world is loose, sleeveless shapes. Theater queen, though showcased the sexiest of these fits, draped past the Arctic Monsoon scene, then wrapped in a luxe drape of cashmere. It’s the look of the season and makes me think of Marie Antoinette when it comes to Marie Antoinette and the manner in which she was both daring and intriguing… she wore deep veils, voluminous lace dresses lined up with Isomers.

Even more fascinating (and a pleasure to read about), closet-maker and founder of Curves, Inc., Donna Karan, recently talked about how influential Jeans designers, like Levi’s brand, are following the sun (suit threads) of Paris Fashion Week runway trends.

More from Donna Karan: “Levi’s designers are definitely looking to their counterparts for inspiration. With Paris fashion going all out sun-blocking, there are a lot of interesting wrinkles in the clothes. We see pants that are more fitted at the top and more gently flared at the bottom. And we definitely saw a lot of sheer shirts–except maybe with that little extra T in it. Some of the shirts were so transparent that you could see through them into the next room.”

In other words, fashion weekend makeovers are happening.


Whether you are in the market for a new handbag, shoe or coat, allow the stylish celebrity fashion trends mentioned in this article to inspire your purchase. The beauty of testing out celebrity fashion or accessories and clothes from top designer brands is that nearly anything can be incorporated into your wardrobe as long as you choose carefully.