The only Australian photographic art you need for your walls

Through Our Lens wall art

Backpacker, traveller, expat of just lover of Australian scenery, this one’s for you.

If you’re looking for something to fill the overwhelmingly empty surfaces of your four walls, then I’m pleased to introduce you to Through Our Lens by Australian based photography partners Edger Pudans and Norah Nguyen.

They take the beauty that lies in around and under the Australian landscape and turn it into a moment you can dip into at any time, at your convenience, through photographic art pieces.

Their story is sweet; they met in Uni and discovered their mutual love for photography and producing quality imagery of their surroundings.

Clovelly wall art

They honed their skill and these days, provide portals into Australiana to their global client base of people like you and I: locals, travellers and fans of the rugged beauty-come-urban centres that comprise one of the greatest countries on Earth; Australia. Especially our favourite coastal wall art!

To take their words from their website, “For landscape photographers, a certain level of planning will always be a necessity. Being at the mercy of natural light and other elements like wind and cloud cover, it can be tricky to ensure you’re in the right spot at the right time to capture that perfect shot. But thanks to modern technology, Edgar and Norah don’t have to leave things up to chance.

We use advanced applications like Sky Candy, designed to demonstrate the direction of sunlight during an allocated time of day. Based on the location of the shoot, this will help us determine the time in which the shoot will take place.” 

And the result speaks for itself:

Coogee Beach aerial

Through Our Lens work locally, but ship globally, offering their pool of clients direct access to their latest work, with supply chain options to all your mainstays: Australian cities, London, the USA and more. Get in touch with them to purchase and see how readily you can adorn your walls in a little bit of where you’d rather be.

For more, head to the Through Our Lens website.