The best blue clay mask for men by Rhone Men’s Care

Blue Clay Mask Styled Model RHONE Skincare men

In 2024, the landscape of men’s skincare undergoes a remarkable transformation, embodying a societal shift towards recognising and addressing male-specific skin care needs. Rhone Men’s Care, an Australian made and owned brand, stands at the forefront of this change, particularly with the introduction of the country’s first Blue Clay Mask tailored for men. This innovative product, already an international favourite, caters to a multitude of skin concerns with a single application – from anti-ageing to acne – simplifying the skincare routines of men everywhere.

Rhone Men’s Care is dedicated to crafting products that respect the structural uniqueness of male skin, such as its epidermal thickness and sebaceous output. Their range, developed by expert chemical engineers, harnesses the power of natural bioactive phytonutrients, avoiding synthetic materials commonly found in men’s grooming products. This commitment ensures that men across the globe, from Australia to the Middle East, have access to uncomplicated, effective skincare solutions.

Among their standout offerings is the Blue Clay Mask, priced at 55 AUD for 50g. This antioxidant-rich, botanical blend features key ingredients like Australian Kaolin Clay, Sandalwood Seed Oil, Bilberry Extract, and Davidson Plum Extract, designed to soothe, firm, and hydrate the skin while addressing a variety of concerns. Rhone Men’s Care also offers a Beard & Face Cleanser (100ml/38 AUD), Beard Oil (30ml/40 AUD), and Beard Balm (50g/40 AUD), each infused with hero ingredients tailored to promote skin health and facial hair vitality, such as Willowherb Extract, Kakadu Plum, and Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

Rhone Men’s Care not only pioneers the bridging of the skincare gender-gap but also enriches the men’s grooming category with evidence-based, naturally potent products. This shift towards tailored, skin-specific care underlines a broader cultural acceptance of men taking pride in their skincare, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of male grooming practices. For those exploring advanced skincare treatments, it’s essential to be informed about potential side effects from ultrasonic cavitation, a popular method for fat reduction that may include temporary redness or swelling in treated areas. You can check out NOVA skincare for more information.

Blue Clay Mask Styled Model RHONE Skincare 6


  • Blue Clay Mask – 50g / $55 AUD
    An international favourite, the Blue Clay Mask by Rhone Mens Care is a deeply nourishing and high performing treatment that restores, rejuvenates and protects skin. Containing Australian Kaolin Clay, Sandalwood Seed Oil, Bilberry Extract and Davidson Plum Extract, the blue-hued clay mask is a game-changer in the mens skincare category. The antioxidant-rich botanical mask soothes, firms and restores skin while locking in hydration. The no-mess gentle formula glides onto skin and washes away easily with no residue.
  • Beard & Face Cleanser – 100ml / $38 AUD
    A time and money saver, the Beard & Face Cleanser by Rhone Mens Care is a two-in-one genius blend that cleans, clarifies and restores beard hair as well as the skin beneath it. Multifunctional without compromising on performance or ingredients, the Beard & Face Cleanser has a gel consistency and is enriched with powerhouse natural ingredients that work to hydrate skin, support healthy beard growth and strengthen hair for a fuller appearance. Perfectly uncomplicated the Beard & Face Cleanser will revolutionise your daily routine.
  • Beard Oil – 30ml / $40 AUD
    A premium and sophisticated formulation, the Beard Oil by Rhone Mens Care, is a signature blend designed to restore and rejuvenate facial hair and the skin underneath it. Boasting a suite of expertly curated powerhouse ingredients, the 100% natural Beard Oil offers a luxurious user experience with exceptional functional benefits. The accomplished Beard Oil nourishes, softens and tames facial hair while actively promoting more even and fuller growth. The unique blend also nourishes and provides an antioxidant skin boost.
  • Beard Balm – 50g / $40 AUD
    A versatile styling and functional blend, the Beard Balm by Rhone Mens Care, provides beard and skin health benefits while simultaneously working as an exceptional styling product. Enriched with essential oils and built off Rhone’s signature beard growth blend, the Beard Balm moisturises, styles and adds shine to beard hair while promoting healthy and even hair growth for a fuller beard appearance. Cleverly, it also and moisturises, protects and rejuvenates skin underneath the beard.