Taste of London: Blondie’s Kitchen does delightful desserts

Blondies Kitchen

The weather in London couldn’t be worse for it, but the food festival known around the world as Taste is back in town and showcasing a tonne of great foodie favourites.

From Wednesday 19 – 23 June, Taste will take over London’s Reagent’s Park (get tickets here) in Marylebone – right near the food hub of Fitzrovia – to celebrate the London food scene and put the spotlight on some city favourites.

One favourite of which is Blondie’s Kitchen: an independent operation by Chelsie and Kristelle whose love for food and the the chemistry they had working alongside one another in the kitchen gave birth to their proverbial food baby that’s taking the city, one sweet tooth at a time.

They’re super excited to be apart of the festival this year, offering up some items that can only be found in the grounds.

“We’re going to be serving hot cookie dough, fresh from the oven, topped with ice cream and we’ve never done this before,” said Chelsie.

“You can expect lots of sweet happiness this year! We’re even topping our hot milk choc cookie dough with Frosties cereal milk ice cream. We’re also super excited to be the only dessert offering in the Deliveroo restaurant pop up. It looks so cool! You sit down, sample some dishes from around Taste and get served to your table,” she said.

The festival’s all about making food accessible, enjoyable, social and much for fuel for the bod as it is about bringing people together for a chill and a good time.

It’s especially personal for the two blondies, who put a lot of themselves into everything they produce.

“Myself (Chelsie) and Kristelle come up with all the recipes ourselves,” she explained. “Kristelle has been baking the original cookie recipe since she was a child and we have built on it, created brand new menu items and constantly recreate new products with a nostalgic twist. For us, if you’re going to indulge, you want to smile. Smiles are memories and some of the best memories we have, include food! We draw on childhood memories to bring joy to people, even if it’s only for that moment you bite into your first cookie.”

Aside from their awesome treats and super cute branding, it’s one of the best parts about Blondie’s Kitchen, which now has a permanent spot at Selfridges in the heart of London.

Find them at Selfridges Food Hall, 400 Oxford Street, London.