Save the bees by drinking cocktails in London

Honey Skylon dessert

The bar’s been decked out in flowers and summer blooms for the season, but it’s the drinks Skylon will be serving that will have the biggest impact.

Benefitting most from what the bar’s doing, the bees of London will score a boost to conservation’s funding by immersing drinkers into a beetime utopia. They’re donating £1 to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust from each person’s bar bill.

From the 17th June, Skylon will be launching a beehive installation transporting guests into a dripping honeycomb of dreams. As well as a visual treat, the bar on Southbank, will collaborate with Laurent Perrier to design three cocktails, each focusing on the versatility of Champagne while enhancing the unctuous floral flavour of honey.

Think drinks like the Bee Old Fashioned, Honey! featuring a muddle of Bulleit bourbon, apple, hazelnut, orange, applewood honey smoke, and Laurent Perrier Cuvée to make one tasty, smoky cocktail.

Then there’s the Honey Bear, made with Zacapa 23-year-old rum, amaretto, turmeric, honey, peach, citrus and Laurent Perrier Cuvée, is a delightfully refreshing drink with mild spicy notes. While the Queen Bee wraps up the spread nicely, made of Tanqueray No10 gin, Hibiscus, Pimms cup No1, wild berry shrub, honey paint and Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rose.

If you’re a bit hungry, too, the menu’s also taken on a honey-inspired slant, with honey-inspired dessert to coincide with the installation, the Honey Nut Hive. It’s a textural delight, the pudding comprises a toasted walnut cake and burnt honey ice cream, topped with shards of honeycomb and bee pollen. 

See more at the Skylon website.