Talisker does Dark Mofo with the return of the Dark Bar

Talisker hot toddy

What do you get when you combine art, music, alcohol and some left-field thinking in Australia’s southernmost city, Hobart?

Dark Mofo, of course, and it’s back again this year with all sorts of interesting headline acts, and the return of some quality offerings on-hand.

Talisker 2

It’s the festival that turns the mostly calm city into a frenetic, eclectic, quirky and dark place for the hedonistic pleasures of some of the most outrageously tasted.

This is the one time of the year where thousands of mainland and international artists and tourists descend down under, expecting MONA to turn out incredible entertainment but also satisfy their taste for the weird and wonderful culinary scene in Tasmania.

Nothing works better with the amazing food then pairing it with the amazing drinks found at the dozens of bar hidden around Dark Mofo. At the centre of Dark Park is the cosy yet sophisticated Talisker Dark Bar, making a return this 2018.

Talisker Dark Bar is the perfect one-stop bar for amazing cocktails, delicious jaffles and the amazing atmosphere.

What may look like an abandoned warehouse from the outside, inside has been turned into a rugged seaside looking bar, reminiscent of Skye, the Isle in which Talisker Scotch Whisky originates from.

Coupling its efforts with the produce of the renowned Tasmanian Bruny Island that produces some of the country’s finest cheeses, oysters and beverages,

You find the sweet, smoky, peppery notes of Talisker whisky were perfectly paired with the amazing golden oysters provided by the likes of Tasmanian producers Get Shucked, for example, really honing-in on the fact that Talisker’s range is as refined as it is well-suited to the likes of the Dark Mofo celebration.

In order to battle the Tasman winter night, Talisker has created an array of incredible cocktails to help warm you up. The most iconic being a Talisker Spiced Hot Toddy.

This warm cocktail tickles every taste note: sweet, smoky, spicy. What makes this cocktail super unique are the ingredients used in the cocktail like honey, lemon, mead and topped with gum leaves to really give it an Australia twist. Add both ‘iconic’ and ‘Australian’ and the perfect treat to go with your hot toddy is a jaffle, filled with molten blue cheese jaffle, topped with a spiced pickle.

Talisker Dark Bar is found at Macquarie Point in Dark Park from the 13th of 24th of June as part of MONA’s Dark Mofo.

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