Dark Mofo exhibition in Hobart: Mines; from the mind of Simon Denny

Simon Denny Mines Dark Mofo

An unnervingly vibrant dystopia opened on the eve of the madness that is Dark MOFO 2019. Curated by Jarrod Rawling and Emma Pike and taking two and half years from conception to exhibition, Mines will leave you feeling helpless. In the bowels of MONA is a colourful sign, “Mines”. Fittingly its physical location is buried […]

HOBART: Dark Mofo’s Siloam – The end of the world and the giant iron arsehole

Dark Mofo Hobart Divine Comedy 2

Boys in high-vis have been digging through bedrock. When once we had to turn around and walk where we had been, we can now circumnavigate MONA. An endless loop. No more getting stuck at the entrance to Pharos and Faro.  Through the tunnels we find Confessional, by Oliver Beer. The Ammonoidea shaped construction of a noise […]

Talisker does Dark Mofo with the return of the Dark Bar

Talisker hot toddy

What do you get when you combine art, music, alcohol and some left-field thinking in Australia’s southernmost city, Hobart? Dark Mofo, of course, and it’s back again this year with all sorts of interesting headline acts, and the return of some quality offerings on-hand. It’s the festival that turns the mostly calm city into a […]