Melbourne Good Food Month with 8bit restaurant

8bit burgers

This June in Melbourne, it is Melbourne Good Food Month, which means it’s nothing but quality eating and good vibes around the southern food capital.

Presented by Citi, the festival returns with favourites along the length and breadth of a packed programme. This year, Melbourne Good Food Month features heaps of foodiful events, showcasing the very best of Australia’s restaurant industry over 30 delectable days.

We spoke to Shayne McCallum of 8bit restaurant in Melbourne who had nothing but the best to ay about the month-long celebration.

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Melbourne is the food capital of Australia. What are your thoughts on this? 

Melbourne is pretty lucky with all its diversity of restaurants & cuisines.  We have so much young, talented hospitality crew doing amazing things & opening great cafes, late night bars, & smart casual diners and the food and beer festivals all year round.  I can easily see, truth in that statement.

Are you excited to be a part of the activations in Melbourne this Good Food Month?

We were thrilled that we got asked to work with Good Food Month, I have personally done a few gigs with Good Food Month over the years, but it’s the first time 8bit has been a part of it, which we are really stoked about.

Obviously, it’s all about the best of what you do, but are there any secrets or surprises in-store for fans?

We are bringing some of our best-selling burgers & our waffle fries to this event, we don’t sell the waffle fries in store, so it will be for Good Food Month punters only!

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What will you be ‘heroing’ this during Melbourne Good Food month? 

We have all bases covered, we have a beef, chicken and vegetarian burger. The hero of the event is that the punters get to enjoy our burgers watching some awesome films with eating a Glacé Frozen choc-top, with the city’s skyline in the background.

Why is something like Melbourne Good Food Month such a good platform for people and venues like you? 

Melbourne’s Good Food Month is a good platform for us to get our name & brand out there more, so we can have more people engaging with us and trying our products. It’s also great for Melbourne to have a stellar festival showcasing Melbourne’s great hospitality talents.

Anything else?

We are just excited to have the opportunity to work with like-minded people and to put on such a rad event, especially when our second event is showing one of thy all-time favourite movies, The Breakfast Club. Going to be an awesome night.

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