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Best romantic travel destinations right now


Winter in Australian cities means one thing: GET OUT. So, we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic destinations in the world that couples should consider for their next getaway, in collaboration with StressFreeCarRental.com  And if you’re planning a holiday, you’ll need coffee, don’t forget… Iceland is an unexpected but fitting destination for couples who seek adventure. The country boasts of unique and rugged landscapes that offer the perfect backdrop for an action-packed trip. Witnessing the stunning glaciers, waterfalls, and lava fields followed by the mesmerising Northern Lights makes Iceland a charming destination for couples. Venice, Italy is a quintessential romantic location that should not be missed. Couples can explore the city’s enchanting streets, sample authentic Italian cuisine, and ride the iconic gondolas through the picturesque canals. Nice, France offers the perfect balance between relaxation and romance. This French Riviera gem is an ideal destination for couples looking to escape the crowds of Paris. The sparkling blue sea, vibrant old town, and stunning views make Nice one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The Isle of Skye in Scotland is a fairytale destination where couples can leave behind the stresses of everyday life. The island’s sweeping green landscapes and breathtaking sunset spots make it an undoubtedly romantic getaway. Hamilton Island in Australia is a top destination for couples seeking natural beauty and luxury. The island boasts of gorgeous blue seas, stunning coral reefs, and romantic landscapes that attract couples from all over the world. New York City, USA may be known as the… Read More