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5 things Australians care about when buying a used car

Four wheel drive car

When it comes to cars in Australia it turns out there’s one thing we’re all unanimous on – you need one! So, there’s no surprise when there are some pretty vital things to look out for before taking the plunge and dropping a few tens of thousands on a new ride that you should take into consideration. We spoke with some young Aussie about what’s up for them when it comes to a new car and here are the top 5 things we care about… Used car’s reliability There’s nothing worse than buying a car you thought was going to do well by you, only to have it do the complete opposite. A lot of what makes-up the car’s reliability is what’s under the bonnet, so the first port-of call should always be the fluids – check the levels and the containers that hold them all for leaks and quality. This will keep everything running the way it should for as long as it should. Used car’s price Haggling gets you far, sure, but also knowing what you should and shouldn’t be paying for your wheels will get your over the line, too. There are heaps of car price comparison tools out there, but often, going in with an idea of what you have available to you with car financing tools is one of the best ideas in the first place. Used car’s mileage The more mileage, the less life the car’s got left. Of course, this is more a rule of thumb, than gospel,… Read More