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The Wild West of EV infrastructure

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AC or DC?, Level 1, 2 or 3?, Charging Speed? Slow, Fast, Superfast, 22Khw, 120kHw, 150kHw or even faster? 800volt charging systems, J1772, CHAdeMO, CCS or DC Combo, 16amps maybe? Confused? That isn’t surprising. There are hundreds of different Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and new ones pop up almost weekly. There are different connector types, various payment methods, and multiple different charging apps. Some don’t show all networks, and some show real-time charger status, and some car manufacturers have their own networks. There are different charging cards, some which require pre-registering. Is there a single charging card for all? Yes, but not really. Welcome to the world of charging today – where companies compete with very few rules and next to no standardisation; the result is a Wild West of free-market inefficiency, and the consumers and the EV market, and therefore the planet, will suffer. All the battery range and electric infrastructure in the world won’t matter if you can’t plan, pay, or access them. To encourage people to make the electric leap, charging should be as simple as, or even simpler than, filling your car with gas. Today this just isn’t the case. Fail to plan, plan to fail When you are sold a non-Tesla electric car, the guy selling it to you has probably only sold a handful of EVs versus hundreds of ICE cars. The ‘product handover’ is light, to say the least. You will normally be handed your car key and if you’re lucky a charging card, then sent on your… Read More

Need a new ute? The new Next-Gen Ford Ranger is out next month

Ford Next Gen Ranger All Models car truck ute

If you’re a Ford fan and thinking about whether now’s a good time to upgrade? Have a read of our last test drive of the Ford Wildtrak and go from there. Ford released some good news for all Ranger drivers alike recently, in that Australian specifications of the Next-Gen Ford Ranger have been confirmed. It’ll come with a new-to-Ranger optional 3.0L V6 turbo-diesel engine with 184 kW of power at 3,250 rpm and 600 Nm of torque, full-time 4WD, up to six selectable drive modes and 3,500kg towing. Basically, it’s a work horse in a stylish chassis, meaning it doubles as the work care for life. Developed locally in Australia for the Aussie lifestyle, road conditions and the way we drive, the Next-Gen Ranger has taken the immense success of Ranger and improved it with customer-led design and an impressive suite of technology, safety, comfort and drivetrain features. What does all this mean? Basically, whether you’re after fuel economy, refinement, towing or hauling, the powertrains chosen for Next-Gen Ranger has you covered complete with six shiny new features to the range that’s all about you. A huge new dash Next-Gen Ranger introduces an 8-inch fully digital instrument cluster that can be customised. The dash displays boast unique animations and includes a digital speedometer and tachometer. The animations also feature realistic body-style graphics. Raptor comes standard with a 12.4-inch fully digital instrument cluster. Depending on the variant, owners can toggle between layouts showing information including driver-assist technologies, tachometer on or off, and extra gauges. There’s also… Read More

5 things Australians care about when buying a used car

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When it comes to cars in Australia it turns out there’s one thing we’re all unanimous on – you need one! So, there’s no surprise when there are some pretty vital things to look out for before taking the plunge and dropping a few tens of thousands on a new ride that you should take into consideration. We spoke with some young Aussie about what’s up for them when it comes to a new car and here are the top 5 things we care about… Used car’s reliability There’s nothing worse than buying a car you thought was going to do well by you, only to have it do the complete opposite. A lot of what makes-up the car’s reliability is what’s under the bonnet, so the first port-of call should always be the fluids – check the levels and the containers that hold them all for leaks and quality. This will keep everything running the way it should for as long as it should. Used car’s price Haggling gets you far, sure, but also knowing what you should and shouldn’t be paying for your wheels will get your over the line, too. There are heaps of car price comparison tools out there, but often, going in with an idea of what you have available to you with car financing tools is one of the best ideas in the first place. Used car’s mileage The more mileage, the less life the car’s got left. Of course, this is more a rule of thumb, than gospel,… Read More