The Wild West of EV infrastructure

EV car charging Wild West cowboy

AC or DC?, Level 1, 2 or 3?, Charging Speed? Slow, Fast, Superfast, 22Khw, 120kHw, 150kHw or even faster? 800volt charging systems, J1772, CHAdeMO, CCS or DC Combo, 16amps maybe? Confused? That isn’t surprising. There are hundreds of different Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and new ones pop up almost weekly. There are different connector types, […]

Need a new ute? The new Next-Gen Ford Ranger is out next month

Ford Next Gen Ranger All Models car truck ute

If you’re a Ford fan and thinking about whether now’s a good time to upgrade? Have a read of our last test drive of the Ford Wildtrak and go from there. Ford released some good news for all Ranger drivers alike recently, in that Australian specifications of the Next-Gen Ford Ranger have been confirmed. It’ll […]

8 reasons you need car insurance

Four wheel drive car

With thousands of cars finding the way in and out of our busy highways, it is not a surprise that accidents do occur. The impact of accidents can be costly, more so when it involves bodily injuries. The best way to avoid all these unplanned expenses is by securing your car with insurance. Reliable car […]

5 things Australians care about when buying a used car

Four wheel drive car

When it comes to cars in Australia it turns out there’s one thing we’re all unanimous on – you need one! So, there’s no surprise when there are some pretty vital things to look out for before taking the plunge and dropping a few tens of thousands on a new ride that you should take […]