8 reasons you need car insurance

Four wheel drive car

With thousands of cars finding the way in and out of our busy highways, it is not a surprise that accidents do occur. The impact of accidents can be costly, more so when it involves bodily injuries. The best way to avoid all these unplanned expenses is by securing your car with insurance. Reliable car […]

5 things Australians care about when buying a used car

Four wheel drive car

When it comes to cars in Australia it turns out there’s one thing we’re all unanimous on – you need one! So, there’s no surprise when there are some pretty vital things to look out for before taking the plunge and dropping a few tens of thousands on a new ride that you should take […]

Top 5 Affordable City Cars

Driving in the city is a tough slog, but one of the necessary evils in life. Cars are handy, can take you away but can sure cost a bit from time-to-time. However the benefits far outweigh the cost and in fact, it turns out it’s the cost that can often hold people back from the […]

Top 10 ways to keep your car as good as new

Cars are one of life’s necessary evils. They’re so handy, but run the very high, very real risk of costing you a lot more money as soon as you drive it out of the shop and into the future. And that’s before you even consider keeping them clean! That’s why we should do as much […]