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Why you need the Victorinox Spectra suitcase for your post-lockdown travels


Standing at the luggage carousel at any airport around the world, the sea of suitcases on rotation in a mind-numbingly wide array of different variations of black is about the most unexciting element of any airport experience. Not to mention, the struggle of trying to find the bag that’s rightfully yours as you prise it from another tourist’s confused and equally as frustrated hands. Enter the Victorinox Spectra, latest luggage range by Victorinox, the guys who you’d know thanks to their years of dedication to the pioneering of the Swiss army knife. The Spectra 2.0 Collection combines lightweight durability in a few different, new and interesting colours. They help identify what’s yours and make it a lot easier to remove from the jostling crowds as it glides across the floor with ease thanks to its four wheels that provide an easy 360-degree range of directional motion. It’s spacious, upright, has the little strap that ties it all together inside and has Victorinox’s seal of approval and pride. It makes the whole waiting experience in the arrivals hall that much more exciting after any tiresome trip. “At Victorinox, we aim to meet the demands of the ever-changing market and to bring our consumers fresh new designs and plenty of variety,” said Dan Tarala, VP Product Strategy & Design Travel Gear. Perfect for a recent jaunt to Port Douglas with the Pullman Sea Temple Resort, the Victorionox Spectra 2.0 in Lagoon was about as big a lifesaver as the best of them. Hello check-in luggage. The Victorinox Spectra… Read More

What to look forward to from Victorinox this year

Victorinox luggage 3

Seasoned travellers generally have a list of essentials they take with them and more often than not, that includes a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. And now Victorinox has upped the ante with their new design SwissCard – an in-wallet multitasker now available in rose and lilac-hued botanical print, with 10 clever functions incorporated in its credit-card-sized frame. Tools include a nail file, tweezers, scissors, tooth-pick, ballpoint pen and letter opener. Stylish yet super practical, it’s so compact you can pop it in your wallet or handbag for convenience. If chic luggage is your thing, Victorinox has also added more colours to the Connex Hardside range that will have heads turning at the baggage carousel. Colours includes rose gold, lilac and the same rose and lilac-hued botanical print that features in the new design SwissCard. In the Lexicon Hardside range, there is now a stunning gold version available, which is also going to be hard to miss when collecting this highly functional bag at the other end of your journey. And yes, you can enjoy style-matching your new gold case with the Alox Swiss Army Knife Limited Collection 2019, which also features this gorgeous shade. For a stylish, lightweight option for those outdoor adventurer types, Victorinox has also launched a large range of new backpacks including a roll-top, compact and duffle version in teal, red and black. Office goers needn’t feel left out, with a broad range of slimline laptop backpacks on offer, including the hip, flap over version. Going to work just became fun, with… Read More

Victorinox Wood Collection: Your Best Companions in Walnut

Victorinox wood knife

Victorinox is is revamping its famous knives with walnut wood sourced from European forests and solid eco credentials. Talk about trending.   In the day-and-age when we’re all preoccupied with the well-being of the planet – and rightly so given crises like the Great pacific Garbage Patch – it’s nice to see age-old brands and manufacturers like Victorinox doing their part. Not only are these knives crafted from a 100% naturally renewable material, but they also have a low carbon footprint.   Each knife boasts a unique wood casing due to the natural grain of walnut making this collection is the perfect marriage between style and sustainability. The Spartan Wood is the best example of why you should never change a classic and just stick with updating it. Victorinox Swiss Champ Wood, $239.00 Victorinox Spartan Wood, $84.95 Victorinox Huntsman Wood, $119.00 Get them from Victorinox.