Why you need the Victorinox Spectra suitcase for your post-lockdown travels

Standing at the luggage carousel at any airport around the world, the sea of suitcases on rotation in a mind-numbingly wide array of different variations of black is about the most unexciting element of any airport experience. Not to mention, the struggle of trying to find the bag that’s rightfully yours as you prise it […]

A land of sweeping plains: Larrikin Gin’s new batch, Sunburnt Country

Larriking gin Sunburnt

It was Dorothea Mackellar who penned the poem, My Country in 1987, with the famed stanza, “I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains,” but it was Larrikin Gin in 2019, who put a flavour to the sentiment. The new Aussie gin includes ten […]

Life Life Unplanned (Sponsored)

Life is better unplanned. Don’t forget to be present, look around you, be yourself and let life happen; some of the best words of advice a true bon vivant can utter than have the most meaning when an element of celebration is entwined. Chandon is all about celebration, enjoyment, taking the moment for what it […]

What’s a Leica Q?

Leica Q is probably one of the nicest cameras to come into contact with life since ever. Made for photographers who know every single element of any decent camera, through to people who barely know how to turn one on, the Leica Q camera is compact, friendly, resilient, beautiful to look at and a decent […]

Drones are the future and we LOVE it

Drones are awesome. Regardless of whether you get it, don’t get it, see the use or not, they’re cool. Handy, practical, useful and generally impressive in the purposes they can serve, they’re like the modern day consumerist warfare tool of the trade. Recently, we were treated to a very special opportunity to try-out the 3DR […]

Yours is Bondi

Gungey, but cool. Beachy, but urban. Alcohol-fuelled, but music-driven. This is YOURS, a new functions and music events venue in Sydney’s eastern Bondi; beachy, party-obsessed and good for a relaxed vibe music session that makes any weekend complete. YOURS is a brand new weekly event taking place at The Valley. Created by Jack Warwick & […]

Macabella is a better version of Nutella

What’s Macabella? No one really knows. Until you try it. Then nothing else exists. Macabella is like Nutella’s hotter, taller, slimmer, smoother, more tasty older sister that no one really knows, but once discovered, is incomprehensible as to how you lived without knowing her earlier. She’s crunchy with chunks of nut, but smooth; she doesn’t […]

Huawei P8 Lands in Australia

You’d remember a while ago, we visited Singapore courtesy of Huawei to launch to the Asia Pacific region the latest piece of tech in Huawei’s smartphone arsenal, the Huawei P8. Now it’s time to announce that the Huawei P8 is available in Australia!  Stocked now in JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman, the leading […]

BM Cosmetics for Men

It’s so uncommon in my life, I had to ask my sister what to do with it all. BB cream, mineral foundation, concealer, bronzer, bronzing lotion and mascara make for the gayest-sounding men’s bathroom cupboard you’ve ever seen until you scratch the surface and find out a little more about the people who bring it […]

New Shanghai’s new Wine List

New Shanghai has a new wine list. Chinese love wine, so it makes sense that their food is surrounded by a nice spread of options when it comes to what to match to their delicacies. New Shanghai is a gorgeous Shanghai-style restaurant situated inside Chatswood Chase shopping centre in North Sydney and is one of five […]

Insted We Smile

Eccentric clothing with a slight detail and hints of colour (when not in winter) make the bulk of my wardrobe. Naturally I get super excited when I find menswear ranges that share my style and zest for something other than the typical male wardrobe of namely camel chinos and a checked shirt. Snore. Insted We Smile by […]


Relaxed style, effortless colourations and constance-deyfing prints, the Handsom collection is very much just that; handsome. In a new term that I am dubbing ‘preppy alternative’, the look is just that with buttoned-up button-downs and solid colours with an undeniably clean-cut look teamed with a lick of the trend bucker, the Handsom collection is very […]