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Victorinox Wood Collection: Your Best Companions in Walnut

Victorinox wood knife

Victorinox is is revamping its famous knives with walnut wood sourced from European forests and solid eco credentials. Talk about trending.   In the day-and-age when we’re all preoccupied with the well-being of the planet – and rightly so given crises like the Great pacific Garbage Patch – it’s nice to see age-old brands and manufacturers like Victorinox doing their part. Not only are these knives crafted from a 100% naturally renewable material, but they also have a low carbon footprint.   Each knife boasts a unique wood casing due to the natural grain of walnut making this collection is the perfect marriage between style and sustainability. The Spartan Wood is the best example of why you should never change a classic and just stick with updating it. Victorinox Swiss Champ Wood, $239.00 Victorinox Spartan Wood, $84.95 Victorinox Huntsman Wood, $119.00 Get them from Victorinox.