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Is that even meat? Beyond Burger comes to Ribs & Burgers


If you like burgers, but kinda get over eating animal for every meal or every day (which is bad for you, anyway), then this might tickle your tastebuds. Burger people at Ribs & Burgers have joined with Beyond Burger, who’re responsible for plant-based burger patties, offering veggies and their friends amongst us a nicer alternative. On 11 March, it’s D-Day for the burger patties, which will make their way into Ribs & Burgers outlets around Australia, launching the ‘Beyond Old School Cheese’ and ‘Beyond Original’ burgers ($12.90) nationwide. These are the two plant-based versions of Ribs & Burgers’ top selling beef burgers. The sauces, flavours and ingredients remain exactly the same as the famous ‘Old School Cheese’ and ‘Original Burger’ but with The Beyond Burger patty, which contains 20 grams of plants based protein, made from peas, with less saturated fat, calories and 0% cholesterol. See more at the Ribs & Burgers website.