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Stuffed Beaver in Crows Nest is doing an awesome Bottomless Brunch

Stuffed Beaver drink

If there’s one thing that goes down a treat in Sydney, it’s a Bottomless Brunch. And the latest one to join the fray is at Stuffed Beaver in Crows Nest. They’re known for their poutine and quality comfort food, but this spring season, they’re known for bottomless wine, too after they’ve launched an exciting new brunch offering. Starting from Sunday 23rd September from 12pm to 3pm, the Beaver Bottomless Brunch will offer customers an unforgettable experience, serving bottomless pulled pork tacos, poutine, mimosas and Beaver Brew. Do it for $49 per person and enjoy pulled pork tacos, poutine, mimosas and Beaver Brew. Bookings essential: Phone 02 9437 9746 to book

Top 5 tips to the perfect poutine by the Stuffed Beaver restaurant


If there’s one of the best exports from Canada the world needs to know more about, it’s poutine. Potato chip, cheese curd and gravy, it’s possibly the best creation of food ever since the damn of time (opinion) and something you can even try cooking at home now thanks to the Crows Nest masters of it, the Stuffed Beaver in Sydney. Here are their top 5 pro tips to making the morsels. 1. Make sure your Dam gravy is the right consistency.  It should be medium thickness so it pours nicely just like nana did on her roast veggies 2. Make sure you use Dam thick cut fries like steak fries and make sure you cook them dam well done so they are Dam golden and crunchy.  That way they will retain the crunch to the end! 3. Make sure you use a Dam good quality cheese like a fior de latte mozzarella or even buffalo mozzarella if you feel like a Dam tasty gooey experience. You can make you own cheese curd if you like! 4. Pimp your dam poutine!  You can pimp It with anything!!!  Try the 3 little pigs with chopped Frankfurt, crispy bacon and pulled pork!!  You will be a dam happy little piggy at the end of that meal. 5. Remember not to burn your dam mouth when you eat on them. Blow little piggies! Or if you can’t be bothered giving it a DIY job, try celebrating Canada Day with the masters of it this July. WHAT:  Celebrate Canada Day at Stuffed… Read More