Starward Whisky: a fusion of flavours from two worlds

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Step inside a universe where the symphony of flavours is as enchanting as a starlit night. Picture nectarine and charred pineapple, dancing in harmony with a touch of coastal peat, culminating in a smouldering dry oak finish. This is not just a whisky; it’s an extraordinary sensory journey, brought to you by Starward Single Malt […]

New collectable whiskey: Starward releases Vitalis

Glass of Whiskey with Ice

Celebrating 15 years with a once-off release: Starward’s giving us Vitalis. It’s seriously nice whiskey in a nice bottle – that doubles well as something you’d stick a flower in once you’ve drained it. Truly unlike any other Starward whisky, Vitalis is composed of hand selected parcels from its Port Melbourne distillery, with each of the six parcels selected […]