New collectable whiskey: Starward releases Vitalis

Glass of Whiskey with Ice

Celebrating 15 years with a once-off release: Starward’s giving us Vitalis.

It’s seriously nice whiskey in a nice bottle – that doubles well as something you’d stick a flower in once you’ve drained it.

Truly unlike any other Starward whisky, Vitalis is composed of hand selected parcels from its Port Melbourne distillery, with each of the six parcels selected based on their connection to the brand’s epic 15-year journey.

Since founding Starward 15 years ago, David Vitale, has been on a mission to reach for the stars and move forward, by creating a whisky that’s bold, accessible and award-winning. Starward’s notable difference from other whiskies is its maturation of whisky in red wine barrels.

Vitalis will be released via a ballot, opening on Thursday 6 October. Australian’s wishing to purchase a bottle of the collectable whisky are invited to register at with the whisky retailing at $199. 

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