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See Sydney’s new baby red pandas at Taronga Zoo!

Red Panda cub Taronga

What’s better than little baby puppies? Baby pandas. And what’s more; two of them! They’re now at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the prime zoo of one of Australia’s largest cities, that has recently shared news that you can get a first close-up glimpse of the faces of their two adorable red panda cubs. The two cubs – two females – were born to experienced parents Amala and Pabu and are now three months old and are weighing around one kilo. Want to see them? Well, you’re not alone. They’re too young to go to the public yet, but you can tune in to Taronga’s brand-new Red Panda Cub Cam proudly supported by Disney and Pixar’s new movie “Turning Red” where you can access never before seen cub-content and exclusive interviews with their carnivore keepers. See them at this link! Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is one of the country’s leaders in revitalisation of some of the country’s and the world’s most beloved and interesting animals with a stunning view to-boot. For more and to arrange your visit, head to the Taronga Zoo website.