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Glenfiddich whisky and PS40 have teamed up to create an experimental range designed to impress even the most discerning palate


Pleasure and pain. Salt and pepper. Tom and Jerry. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things just go together – such is the case with whisky and soda, leading award-winning Scotch whisky distillery Glenfiddich to collaborate with craft soda factory PS40 to create a range of experimental highballs designed to tantalise your tastebuds. The Glenfiddich Experimental series – consisting of the IPA Experiment, Project XX (pronounced “twenty”), and Winter Storm – provided the backdrop for the collaboration, with Glenfiddich brand ambassador Luke Sanderson working alongside Michael Cheim and Thor Bergquist of PS40 to create two limited edition sodas. The resultant PS Pandan Barley and PS Strawberry Gum Leaf seamlessly blend with the IPA Experiment and Project XX to create a luxurious highball. “PS40 are constantly coming up with new ways to innovate and experiment within their category,” says Luke Sanderson on the decision to collaborate with PS40. “Much like Glenfiddich, they strive to create new and exciting concepts, so they’re the perfect partner for us to highlight our ability to push boundaries.” The Experimental Highball SS18 series will be available across 200 leading Australian bars, including Zeta Bar and The Argyle in Sydney, and Ms Collins and Hightail in Melbourne. Sydneysiders can also get the bespoke sodas on tap at PS40. The first soda, PS Pandan Barley, utilizes the fragrant Asian plant to upgrade the traditional lemon barley soda, making for a dry soda with a rich, nutty Pandan leaf aftertaste. For best results; pair with Glenfiddich IPA Experiment. Designed to be paired with the Glenfiddich… Read More