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Nespresso launches ‘Reviving Origins’ to bring back lost coffees

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Nespresso not only makes good coffee, but they do good things for coffee, too. For example, they recently announced that they’re launching a new campaign to bring back life to coffee regions that’ve found themselves under threat. Called Nespresso Reviving Origins, the new program – through its AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program – is working with farmers in regions that have been devastated by conflicts, economic hardships or environmental disasters. Nespresso’s also launched two new single origin coffees for the hardcore lovers, one from Zimbabwe, Africa and the other from South America’s Colombia. Called Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia, these exquisite and rare coffees have been virtually unknown, slowly disappearing for decades. Now, through Nespresso’s investment and the commitment of partners, coffee farmers in these two regions are starting to rebuild sustainable livelihoods, restore their local economies and bring much-needed development to their rural communities. Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia will be available in Australia from May 2019 – one of only 18 countries to receive the rare seasonal blends, which Nespresso is working towards establishing as part of its permanent range through the Reviving Origins program. If quality, untouched coffee is your thing, then head to the Nespresso website to see more.