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Water so good, they put it in a book: Lonely Planet’s latest release, ‘The Joy of Water’

Tommy Clarke

You know the concept of the coffee table book, right? Now, blow it outta the water with Lonely Planet’s new addition to their range: The Joy of Water. For the Aquarius’ in the house, this is the book for you (and everyone else, really, too); because it takes a look at idyllic wild swimming holes, alluring lakes and dreamy coves, giving you – when you need it most, like during the Covid-19 lockdowns – a way to drift away from home of the world’s best places for joyful interactions with water. There’s no better time than now to take an armchair dive into some of theworld’s most far-flung corners in the search for sublime, serene and calming aquatic experiences. From wild swims off Britain’s most remote beach and coral reef-fuelledsnorkelling trips in idyllic Mozambique, to sumptuous soaks in Iceland’sgeothermally-heated pools and chill-out time with non-stinging jellyfish inPalau’s magical hidden lake, no corner is left unexplored. Get the book at book shops online or Lonely Planet online.