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Green vehicles move over: Hyundai has launched its first electric vehicle, the Ioniq

2019 IONIQ Electric Premium - 18

Hyundai can now add another three notches to its belt in Australia thanks to its latest feat – the introduction the Ioniq electric, plug in and hybrid vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still (moronically) in the “green cars are for hippies” camp, or whether you’ve converted fully to the ways of the world, the mortality of fossil fuels and the fact that cars are polluting, the Hyundai Ioniq is a car that for all intents and purposes is just like any other you’re used to – only better. It’s an electric vehicle power train wrapped in a fastback body, giving it that electric vehicle flair, without being too boldly ‘green’. But, even then, when you couple its inner-city-friendly look and feel, generous space and vast range of colours with the fact it’s essentially free to “fill up”, can charge to 80% in 23 minutes (or so) and can be charged at home, you’d be made to not consider getting one. That is of course, unless you can’t: living arrangements, etc. The new range-opening 2019 Ioniq car is an accessible and user-friendly taste of electric motoring for literally everyone, and comes can come complete with a petrol/electric hybrid system that helps it achieve exceptional fuel economy. The Hyundai Ioniq comes with all the mod cons you’d want from a 2019 ride. In addition to the three engine types of the new car, Ioniq offers Elite and Premium trim levels for all rides, including such swish additions like leather finishings, sun roof and more. As standard,… Read More