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Not all hand sanitisers are created equal, which is why you need La Clinica sani in your life

La Clinica sanitiser

An effective hand sanitiser (one formulated to the Centre of Disease Control guidelines for the response of COVID-19) is going to be your best friend for the foreseeable future, so you’ll want to choose one that’s gentle on your skin and doesn’t smell like a hospital.  With so many variations of sani out there, it’s worth noting the gold standard is a sanitiser with at least 60 – 80 percent alcohol, as this is the percentage level required to kill the virus. Sanitisers with less than 60 percent alcohol are not as effective at killing germs outright. Enter La Clinica, a 100% Australian owned and operated skin care manufacturer located in Melbourne, who have created an all-purpose hand sanitiser made with lemon oil, echinacea extract, panthenol and alcohol (70%v/v). Made in Australia, it has antibacterial protection to kill 99.9% germs quickly and 96.5% of the ingredients are Australian. We love that it’s locally made.  The sani comes in a gel and spray version. For the handbag or backpack, you’ll want to throw in the cute 100ml ‘All-purpose hand sanitiser spray’ (RRP $9.99) for when you’re out and about. And the elegantly packaged 500ml ‘All-purpose hand sanitiser gel’ (RRP $19.99) won’t look out of place, strategically positioned at the entrance of your home or office.