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Driving the east coast of Australia: Holden Equinox just makes road trips

James Banham standing in a Holden Equinox SUV car to take a picture of the ocean

It feels sturdy enough to take control of the road, its seats really hug you and make you feel secure, its acceleration and steering are super sensitive so you’re in control and it’s just damn nice to look at. This is the Holden Equinox SUV and it’s a dream to drive. It’s the kind of car you want your Mum to have, so you can steal it; it’s the kind of ride you want to make your friends jealous and it’s the kind of wheels you want for your life because it’s so damn practical. Here’s why. The size The Holden Equinox is chunky, yet funky, and sports all the perks of a regular inner city ride with more grunt to get you from A-to-B in the chassis of a car that’s build to carry a tonne. Think of it as your road suitcase. A spare wardrobe? Done. A kayak? Probably. A repository for everything you’re taking camping? Too easy. It’s got a seat-up and folded capacity of 846L and 1796L, so you know it’s built for loads. The tank Couple its hefty sizeable size, with a fuel tank capacity of 55L for the FWD and 59 for the AWD, it’ll get you there and back – and then some. This almost alone makes it the ideal SUV for coastal trips, weekends away and general city zipping for the times you need to just live. The look The Holden Equinox is a nice-looking ride. In addition to its size, the fuel economy and general usefulness… Read More